What are the Best Shopify Wholesale Themes

Sep 05, 2020 | 06 min read

1. Quick read

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform, when it comes to your wholesale store the design of your website plays an important role. There are hundreds of different themes provided on Shopify, which provides you the flexibility in selecting the best theme and gives your online store the best look for attracting buyers.
Shopify Wholesale theme has unique features like Google Web Fonts, support for multiple languages and currencies, Ajax carts, Mega menus, etc. Additionally, these wholesale store Shopify themes have responsive layouts, so they’re compatible with desktop viewports, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In this blog, you will get know about the:-
  • Important points to consider while selecting the theme
  • The best Shopify free and paid wholesale themes with details of each theme

2. Points to consider while selecting the Shopify Wholesale Theme

Shopify Theme Time

If you don’t want visitors to lose interest in your website, then choosing a Shopify theme is necessary to avoid elements such as animations or live banners as well as any typical navigational elements. They will only slow down the speed of your website.
The “lighter” your Shopify theme is, the more focus there will be on improving the customer’s experience. Visitors don’t like to wait for sites to load and on average, they will wait 3 seconds and then click away if the site does not load.

Consider Theme Support as a Deciding Point

Theme support is another important factor to consider when deciding the right theme. All third-party developers have their own support team, so if you are using a theme that is of third-party, you can contact their team directly if you get any issues.

Shopify Wholesale Theme

One of the best factors of using Shopify themes is you can preview how your website and products will look with your new theme before you download the theme to your site.
When creating Shopify themes, the designers use high-definition, and color-coordinated images to make their designs pretty in the Shopify theme store to attract the users. Once you like the theme you can actually set up the theme onto your store.

3. The Best Shopify Wholesale Themes are:

As a merchant on Shopify, a very essential point for you to find your suitable theme for the wholesale store. The theme you will select it must have a responsive layout so that your site will be compatible with all types of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet. Here, you take look at free and paid Shopify wholesale themes.

Venture theme (Free)

The venture is a free theme for the Shopify wholesale store. The venture theme is designed for high volume stores with large inventories. There are three different styles in Venture for wholesale stores are Snowboards, Outdoors, and Boxing.
There are many features provide on this theme that will definitely make your store stand out. The first one is about its slideshow. The venture allows you to utilize its dynamic slideshow on the homepage to display your entire collection. The slideshow is horizontally occupied, which means you will not have any empty space on both sides of your website.
On Venture, you will be able to put a banner on top of the slides on your homepage. It could be a stylish promotional banner, which will give you the opportunity to display your best products, deals, discounts, offers, etc. Your customers will be able to filter products through type and price on the collection page so they can see products that they are interested in.
If you are building a store that’s focused on outdoor activities, any sporting activities, or you are just a beginner who has a lot of products to sell, then this theme is absolutely your solution. This is a free theme so try it and see how it works for your wholesale store.

Wholesale Store Shopify Theme – Stockhouse

If you don’t want to worry about the different page layouts for different platforms like desktop devices, mobile, smartphones, and tablets then the best adaptive theme is Stockhouse. This theme is so creative and helps you out in simplifying and managing your web resources.
Stockhouse theme is specially made for the Shopify wholesale stores having unique features such as its Product quick view, Visual page builder, Wishlist feature, a Collections catalog, Google Web Fonts, Newsletter subscription forms, etc.All this feature of the theme brings out the best look for your Shopify wholesale site on the internet.

Wholesale Mega Menu Theme – Storecy

The other calm, clean, and light design theme for the wholesale stores on Shopify is Storecy. This theme is the best option for Shopify wholesale stores having clothes, furniture, electronics, or toys products.
There is not a typical big slider at the top of the page and not have the homepage layout. The theme starts with categories tiles of the product cards (product cards are the short description), sharp photo, price, Add to cart, Add to wish list, and other comparison tools.
This is the customer convenient theme having the features of a multicurrency module, the newsletter subscription form, collection tabs and banners, drop-shipping support, a commenting system, and many others.

Warehouse Themes

Shopify experts recommend the warehouse theme for displaying the large catalog of products. The design of this theme is simple that is flexible to all Shopify e-commerce store. The warehouse theme is more focuses on the user experience, as it provides the platform of social media and email for customers.
There are tons of features available on Warehouse for you to use, like the Stock Level Indicator, Live Search, Custom Promotion Tiles, and many more. There are two different styles on this theme is Metal and Wood which capture your customer’s attention right at the moment when they visit your store.

Huge sale theme

The huge sale theme provides the special feature of Online chat on your website. This functionality available as an instrument to enable you to have a real-time conversation with your site visitors. So, you will be able to connect with your online users and turn them into your paid customers.
This theme offers two narrow banners in the topmost part of the template. The another unique function of this theme is timers. You can promote your sales and special offers with the help of countdown timers.

Block shop theme

The Shopify merchant who just started start-up, having the business of boutiques or an independent artist for this all the block shop theme will be a great match for the store. This theme has the simplicity style in grid-style, bold imagery, block colors, bold typography with a minimal user interface.
It having the “Wow” effect with its wide photo banner and the stunning storefront so that your customer will get impress just visiting your store for the first time. There is a site entry field present to boost the customer sign in through their mail id. You can collect these all customer ids, and you are able to send them an email of sales, newsletter, and the other information so that they come to revisit your site.
So many features are available in this theme for you that is the Instagram Feed to share your latest Instagram posts, the Multi-Column Menu to feature the product images, multi-column drop-down menu, etc. Deli, Beauty, Playhouse, and Moto are the four different styles present on this theme.

4. Summary

If you are looking for the versatile, adaptive theme and you have lots of products to sell then this blog is definitely beneficial for you. You have to select a theme for your Shopify wholesale store that has many features, also will work to convert more leads and the best host for the collection of your products.
Hopefully, after reading this blog you are able to choose the best Shopify theme for your wholesale store. In case if you have any questions feel free to contact us as we are always willing to make things simple for you.


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