Top Magento Extensions to Have On Your E-commerce Site

April 06, 2021 | 12 min read

1. QuickRead

Product pages are the focal points of every online store. They bear considerable weight in the buying decision and are also the landing pages for people coming from search engines. It is therefore necessary for product pages to perform flawlessly for customers.
Magento’s product page layout contains a range of main elements, such as product name, product gallery, descriptions, pricing, CTAs, feedback, and upsells. Even, there is plenty of space for improvements that can be integrated into the design of the product page.
We’ll cover some of the basics of Magento’s product page design and see how we can use existing features and extend them to add more benefits to both your customers and your eCommerce company!

2. Popular Magento 2 Categories of Extensions

All Magento e-commerce plugins are classified into many categories depending on the type of services to be incorporated into the online store. Here are a variety of common forms of extensions.

Accounting & Finance

You may consult Magento’s accounting extension for more reliable and accurate financial data management, export reports, and monitoring of all phases of your sales (order, payment, packaging, distribution, etc.), tax control, reporting, and so on. There are now 52 Magento accounting extensions available in total, with prices ranging from $0 to $5,100.

Customer assistance

Average Magento customer service extension provides online stores with services such as live chats, FAQs, and more. In general, Magento Customer Service Modules are important for the personalization of customer experience, for the creation of high-quality customer contact, and for increasing customer loyalty. The price of the typical Magento customer service module starts at $0 and can cost as much as $650.

Payments and security

Magento’s payment gateway extension is a must-have for fast and safe transactions. It grants order management on a single page in the admin panel and allows for easy order placement. Any Magento 2 payment extension of 367 represented in Magento Marketplace is particularly useful for e-commerce websites that seek to provide multi-currency payments from any destination in the world. Some of the Magento 2 payment extensions represented in this group are free, and the price of the rest of them varies from $25 to $10,000.

Reporting and analysis

E-commerce business owners can easily access online store success data, behavioral insights, and other such beneficial reports by integrating one of the 42 ready-made Magento e-commerce plugins. As in every other category, you’ll find the best free Magento 2 extensions with several features, as well as those with a price tag.

Shipping and Regulation

In order to allow consumers to choose the most convenient shipping methods and thus enhance the quality of user experience, Magento 2 e-commerce platforms must offer the best Magento 2 shipping extension. There are more than 290 shipping extensions available on the market, each with unique features and advantages.


Please pick any Magento marketing extension from the 330 offered on the Magento Marketplace. By wisely integrating Magento marketing extensions, you can see powerful resources to draw new customers and maintain existing ones. They are also planned to greatly increase the existing capacity of Magento 2. Around a third of the extensions offered are free of charge. The price for the rest of them ranges from $25 to $999.


While Magento itself has a number of built-in SEO tools, each of the 92 Magento SEO extensions represented on the Marketplace provides additional tools to extend the platform’s capabilities. The price of the most expensive module in this category is $344. However, there are also free extensions. You can search to find the best SEO extension for Magento 2 exclusively for your company!
We have listed only the key categories of extensions here, but you might also find some other interesting important Magento extensions, such as Magento B2B free extensions, some of the best free Magento search extensions, Magento marketplace extensions, and many more. So, it’s best not to restrict yourself and always be searching for something new to introduce for your e-commerce shop.

3. DesignO Magento Product Configurator by Design‘N’Buy

The Magento product configurator is a software or function that allows clients to create and personalize products based on their preferences. This enables printers to easily offer custom print products including albums of photos, signs, business gifts, clothing, mugs, and so on.

Fantastic Visual Editor

Use a sophisticated Magento 2 Product Designer Extension to provide customized designs that your end customers can rapidly customize and order. To expedite order processing, there are also live pricing and 3D preview options.

Easy Website Setup

Whether you already have a Magento website or you need one to be built, Design’N’Buy can collaborate with you to ensure that you have an effortlessly accessible eCommerce storefront.

This Magento web-to-print solution is suitable for trade printers, print brokers, digital printers, specialty printers, and Large-format printers looking to expand their business operations.  – Watch the video to learn more about how to install Magento product designer.

4. Why Do You Need Best Magento Extensions

Why do you need an extension of Magento? The answer is an easy one. To save additional development costs and time to create a new module. Magento extensions are available, which you can use to expand the functionality of your e-commerce store. Using Magento extensions will not only speed up the job but will also improve the functionality of the back end of the website.
Magento plugins can help you extend the extra features to Magento shops. If you want to handle sales, process bulk orders, make the checkout process smoother, or apply marketing techniques, you don’t need to worry, there’s always an extension open to you.
In this blog, I’ve assembled a list of the best Magento extensions to download in 2020. All extensions mentioned here are stable and compliant with the Magento platform. In addition, these are high-quality Magento extensions that can be downloaded from reputable suppliers in the industry. Let’s learn how to pick the right Magento extensions for your e-commerce shop.

5. Choosing a Magento 2 Extension: Dos & Don’ts

Check out some of the two and don’t have Magento 2 extensions you need to know before you get one for your online shop. The following tips will help you find the best Magento 2 eCommerce Store extensions with ease.


  • Build a list of features that you want in the extensions of Magento 2
  • Build a budget for extensions to Magento 2
  • Make sure that the Magento edition is compatible with the Magento 2 extensions you are using.
  • Ensure that developers still accept the extensions of Magento 2


  • Do not pick Magento extensions that are no longer supported by developers.
  • Don’t get extensions of Magento that are out of your budget
  • Don’t settle for extensions from Magento with poor feedback
  • Don’t get extensions of Magento whose features are now available as modules in Magento 2
  • Do not download extensions to Magento 2 from unreliable sources,

6. Factors to Consider When Choosing Extensions for Magento 2?

How do you know if it is secure for use when you install a new extension in your Magento e-commerce store? Several extensions come with malware, which can hamper the output of your e-commerce shop. How do you know if they are malware-free and provide users with value? Of course, by reading online reviews and ratings.

Advice, Consumer Ratings, and Recommendations from experts

While most merchants depend only on the ratings and feedback of past customers to buy Magento 2 extensions, that’s not the right thing to do. You should always look for advice from experts and practitioners who have used the plug-ins previously. In addition, you can also promise that your Magento 2 store must be enabled by the plugin you are going to install.

Frequency of Updates

You should always go for those extensions that get modified regularly when selecting the top Magento 2 extensions.

Partners for Magento

Make sure that you pick all of the best Magento 2 extensions from either Magento approved developers or Magento partners. Check if they are sponsored by Magento approved developers if you select Magento 2 extensions from a third-party website. Extensions from Magento technology partners are provided by the Magento marketplace.


You will still find merchants questionable on whether to buy free extensions for Magento 2 or paid extensions for Magento 2. It seems like this argument will never stop.
Admit it or not, because of their fettered functionality, free Magento 2 extensions are not going to support you for a long time. To maximize your e-commerce store efficiency, you should invest in top-rated and successful paid Magento 2 extensions.

Services and Customer Support

YLast but not least, make sure that you choose plugins that require outstanding customer service and support. During the time of chaos, plugins with commendable customer service will help you solve technical issues in no time.

7. List of the Best Magento 2 Extensions for Your Magento Store

Here’s a list of the best Magento 2 plugin extensions you can use to boost your eCommerce business and get one step ahead of you.

Top Magento Extensions for Accounting & Finance


When it comes to Magento SaaS, OneSaas automates your company by linking business apps through accounting, e-commerce, billing and billing, CRM, performance, inventory management, and email marketing. This is one of the best Magento 2 extensions that link multiple distribution channels to a single account and ensures that stock levels are up-to-date. This removes human error from manual data entry. OneSaas automates all data relating to your quotes, orders, invoices, payments and receipts, including line items, related goods, stock alerts, and customer information, using Magento Quickbooks Extension.
Seller: OneSaas
Price: 7 days Free trial; $19/ month to $229/ month
Rating: 4.7 / 5
Key Features:
  • Save time and money by automatically sharing data between Magento and QuickBooks Online
  • Connect multiple sales channels to QuickBooks Online ensuring stock levels are up-to-date
  • Eliminate manual data entry and short cuts that often result in human error

TaxJar Sales Tax Automation

TaxJar is another Magento 2 extension that lets you carry out and handle the accounting and finance tasks of your e-commerce store. It saves you hours by automating the calculation, posting, and filing of sales taxes. The Magento extension is easy-to-install and lightweight. TaxJar breaks down sales taxes collected and owned by the state, county, city, and other tax districts (s) so your sales tax filings are all ready for you. It can also fit all of the other channels you’re selling on (Including Amazon, eBay, and more).
Seller: Taxjar
Price: Free to use
Rating: 5 / 5
Compatibility: 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4
Key Features:
  • Instant tax calculations
  • Easy & quick install
  • Multi-channel reports
  • Multi-store transaction
  • Automatically updated tax reviews, etc.

Top Magento 2 customer support extensions

Whatsapp Chat

With the support of the WhatsApp Chat extension for Magento 2 created by Sparsh, customers can use this feature to contact the store owner on their smartphone and web pages. After you have enabled this Magento extension, you need to activate it from the backend store and enter your default WhatsApp contact number along with a push message for better user convenience. You can also customize the contact button and its location based on your theme and make it easy to enable/disable from the backend itself as required.
Seller: Sparsh Technologies
Price: Free to use
Rating: 5 / 5
Compatibility: 2.3, 2.4
Key Features:
  • Easy to use
  • Customize the contact button by uploading an image
  • Set the position for the contact button
  • Allows the admin to change the default WhatsApp mobile number and push message from the backend
  • Allows enabling the WhatsApp Contact button from the backend
  • Flawless customization
  • Easy to Install and configure
  • Disable the plugin when not in use

Help Desk Ultimate

This extension streamlines the process of handling customer requests by implementing a user-friendly framework that uses store resources. Help Desk uses a ticketing system, customers can send tickets via the native Magento contact form, from the Customer Account section, or by emailing the Help Desk gateway directly.
Seller: Aheadworks
Price: $399
Rating: 5 / 5
Compatibility: 2.3, 2.4
Key Features:
  • Creating A Ticket: Tickets can be created either by customers using a native contact form or from a customer area or by sending an email to an email gateway address. The administrator can create a ticket from the backend.
  • Ticket Pool: Submitted tickets enter a ticket pool – backend ticket grid, where agents may view, filter, and process tickets.
  • Ticket Page At Backend: The individual ticket page is organized to provide all the necessary information, to communicate with customers, and to edit a ticket – all on one page.
  • Communication Options: The agent may use ticket chat to either send messages to a customer or leave internal notes for himself. Customers may send messages either from a help desk tab in the customer area or by email.
  • Automation: Processing a ticket requires multiple steps and some of those steps are quite routine. We have created a way to delegate such tasks to the extension, to be performed without agent involvement. Using automation you can perform anything from simple tasks, like assigning an agent to a new ticket, to something more complicated, like sending a follow-up message to a customer that hasn’t replied for a while.
  • Out-Of-The-Box Automations: The extension comes with eight predefined automation following the most common processing steps. Additionally, you can create as much automation as necessary.
  • Email Gateway: The extension allows setting up an email gateway. All incoming emails at this address will be automatically converted to tickets.
  • Customer Area: The help desk tab is added to the customer area. From there, customers may create a new ticket, monitor the progress on existing tickets, send attachments, and communicate with an agent.

Top Magento Extensions for Payment and security

Stripe Payment & Subscriptions

Stripe Payment & Subscriptions for Magento 2 allows store owners to accept common currencies and credit cards forms such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. Other payment methods are supported, such as Bancontact, Giropay, iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit, SOFORT, Multibanco, Przelewy24 (P24), EPS, AliPay, and Bitcoin, directly on their Magneto 2 Store with the Stripe API. The extension allows customers to build and manage subscription products and enjoy advanced security, smart payment processing and fraud protection.
Seller: Magenest
Price: $169
Rating: 4.8 / 5
Compatibility: 2.3, 2.4
Key Features:
For Admins:
  • (NEW!) SCA is available on Stripe Checkout and Stripe Payment Intents
  • (NEW!) SEPA Direct Debit
  • Choose between Authorize Only or Authorize and Capture
  • iFrame Checkout Form
  • Alipay, Giropay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay
  • 3D Secure 2.0
  • Various credit card types
  • Enable CVC/AVS Verification
  • Access to more than 34 countries
  • Restrict unwanted countries from payment
  • Support Save Card function
  • Easily partial capture invoice
  • Conveniently partial or total refund
  • Support 135 currencies
  • Support MOTO (Making payments from the back-end)
  • Support Giropay, Alipay, SOFORT, Bancontact, EPS, etc.
For Customers:
  • Easily checkout using the credit card
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Sign up for an account to save credit card information for future purchase
  • Flexible payment choices

Fire Checkout

The FireCheckout module prevents the use of several steps and forms elements that may be confusing or frustrating for users. Instead, it allows you to set the checkout fields that are really relevant for submitting an order to your Magento 2 website. Then the result will be a decreased abandonment of the shopping cart.
Seller: Templates Master
Price: $189
Rating: 4.6 / 5
Compatibility: 2.3, 2.4
Key Features:
  • Custom checkout success page allows adding a Javascript code or HTML. A preview feature.
  • The advanced shopping cart functionality on the checkout page.
  • Newsletter subscription at checkout.
  • Validating EU VAT in checkout shipping and billing address forms by using VIES validation service.
  • 4-page layouts available: Default, Empty, Minimal, Full.
  • 3 checkout forms’ modes available: Horizontal, Basic, Compact.
  • Ability to skip shopping cart page.
  • Ability to show the errors in tooltips, when filling in the fields.
  • Ability to show order review information (Shipping Address and Shipping Method) above the cart items.
  • Easy to customize checkout styles, custom javascript, etc.
  • A full list of variables to help you easily change the layout and section.
  • Every modules section is perfectly documented.
  • GDPR-friendly.

Top Magento extensions for shipping and fulfillment

Shipping Suite Ultimate

Shipping Suite Ultimate allows you to easily build custom shipping rules based on any combination of product, cart or address attributes. For example, you can allocate one set of rules to heavy goods shipped to California and another to overnight delivery.
In addition, you can provide customers with a wide variety of shipping choices to choose from. Use advanced rules to quickly configure custom shipping and customize existing shipping methods. Set variable pricing rates based on different terms, make the most of the easy Shipping Zones pop-up, and much more.
Seller: Mageworx
Price: $399
Rating: 4.9 / 5
Compatibility: 2.3, 2.4
Key Features:
  • Shipping Rules & Conditions: Easily create shipping rules based on the product, cart, or address attributes.
  • Shipping Carriers: In addition to the popular shipping carriers, you can create any number of custom shipping carriers.
  • Shipping Methods: The extension provides an extensive set of tools for creating and managing shipping methods in Magento 2. With the software, you can modify any DEFAULT shipping method (e.g., USPS Ground, DHL Flat Rate Box Shipping, DHL Air, etc. OR add a range of custom ones (e.g., Local Delivery, Pick Up in Stores, ECO delivery, and more).
  • Shipping Rates: Customize shipping rates the way your business requires or add custom shipping rates to your shipping methods. Specify flexible pricing rates based on the pre-configured conditions. Even more, you can set the price calculation method, to sum up the shipping costs or overwrite them. Enjoy the ultimate flexibility in managing and modifying these rates based on any available product, cart (cart weight, customer group, subtotal, etc.), and address attributes (name, country, phone, etc.)
  • Shipping Zones Popup: With this feature, your store customers can quickly select their shipping location. A customizable shipping location pop-up can be displayed on any page of your website, thus allowing shoppers to conveniently choose a shipping country/region in a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Country-Region Relations: This functionality allows us to add new shipping regions and modify the default ones. Thus, you can create any custom regions, and add those missing out of the box (e.g. regions for the Netherlands or Italy).
  • Multi-Store Support: In case you have an international, multi-currency Magento 2 store, Shipping Suite will let you personalize shipping options for each targeted location.

Order Export

Order Export features for Magento 2, incorporated in the Magento Backend, including an export manager and a highly versatile output development technique. Export all sales-related data in any file format (Text, Tabbed, CSV, XML, ASCII/Fixed-Length-Files) and link your Magento store to almost any ERP, CRM, warehouse, drop-shipping, or shipping device.
This is by far the most versatile export solution available to Magento on the market since 2008 and has since enhanced and remained consistent with all recent Magento versions. Over 500 major Magento stores use this extension to connect their stores to different third party systems. If you have any doubts? Have a look at the outstanding ratings.
Seller: xtento
Price: $259
Rating: 5 / 5
Compatibility: 2.3, 2.4
Key Features:
  • Seamlessly integrated into the Magento backend
  • A very fast and convenient way to export your orders/invoices/shipments/credit memos
  • Almost any output format (Text, Tabbed, CSV, XML, ASCII/Fixed-Length-Files) can be created, almost any software can be connected, and all the data saved in Magento, related to orders, invoices, shipments, credit memos, customers, payment, third party data, and more can be exported
  • Supports export of orders, invoices, shipments, and credit memos
  • Supports an unlimited amount of export profiles. Export as many different export formats with different settings as required.
  • Export to an unlimited amount of different local/remote destinations. Supports Local directories, FTP, FTPS, SFTPv3, HTTP Servers, E-Mail Recipients, Webservices/APIs
  • Export directly from the Sales > Order, Invoice, Shipment, Credit Memo grids
  • Flexible filters for each profile can be set up, for example, “Export only processing orders” or “Export only invoices where the billing country is the US”.
  • “Intelligent Export” remembers which objects have been exported and which haven’t to avoid duplicate exports (can be disabled)
  • Ability to automatically export after the customer checked out
  • Ability to automatically export at predefined times using an unlimited amount of different cron jobs, all configurable from the Magento backend
  • Ability to change the order status after exporting
  • Works with all Magento versions (see compatibility chart below)
  • Code not encrypted and freely customizable, instant download after your purchase

Best Magento 2 extensions for Marketing


Millions of people use Mailchimp as their marketing tool to reach out to their customers and expand their companies. Mailchimp is the world’s leading network for marketing automation. From small e-commerce stores to large online retailers, 17 million customers use Mailchimp to build on their e-commerce marketing campaign, because we make it easy to connect to your shop, display your goods in style, recommend pieces, and recapture lost sales.
This free integration automatically syncs your stored data with your Mailchimp account, making it easy to access all the features you need. The extension will be responsible for sending Goods, Orders, Carts, Clients, Promo Codes, and Subscribers to the Mailchimp Cloud, allowing all the features mentioned below to be used.
Seller: Mailchimp
Price: Free to use
Rating: 3 / 5
Compatibility: 2.3, 2.4
Key Features:
  • Communicate with your customers at exactly the right time
  • Find similar people, grow your audience
  • Sell more stuff with personalization
  • Turn website visitors into customers
  • Track customers from signup to purchase

SEO Suite Ultimate

When it comes to eCommerce on the SEO page, every little detail matters. Properly optimized on-page SEO elements, lack of duplicate content, well-built site design, navigation, and internal links—all of which lead to higher SERP rankings.
Manually, doing anything will take ages. This is where SEO Suite Ultimate, an all-in-one extension for Magento 2, comes in handy. The toolkit manages a wide variety of SEO tasks on-page: from weeding to redundant content and improving site indexing to optimizing every form of URLs and vast quantities of metadata. The extension also provides advanced HTML and XML sitemaps, cross-linking, SEO redirects and advanced rich snippet features.
Seller: Mageworx
Price: $299
Rating: 5 / 5
Compatibility: 2.3, 2.4
Key Features:
  • Crawling & Indexing: Control how search engine spiders crawl and index your website. Direct them to the important pages and restrict them from the ones you want to keep unseen.
  • Cross Links: Quickly and easily build any number of internal and external links. The extension helps conveniently select the target cross-links entities from the category and product grid.
  • Product SEO Templates: With SEO templates, you can create metadata for a big amount of store pages in a mouse click and apply them to the: Product page meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords, Product URL-keys, Product SEO-name
  • Category SEO Templates: With SEO Suite Ultimate you can generate advanced SEO templates to quickly and easily optimize:
  • Layered Navigation (Category Filters) Templates: You can easily make any page filtered by Layered Navigation filters SEO-optimized. These functions will help you extend your site architecture, and get more pages optimized for long-tail and specific search queries. For each category filter page, you can specify a meta title, meta description, meta keywords, and a full-page description. On top of this, you can define a priority of any attribute in the layered navigation block.
  • Hreflang Tags Support: Tell search engines which language you are using on certain pages. Avoid duplicate content issues, by informing Google about alternate versions of the original page.
  • Extended Rich Snippets: Reach higher CTRs with eye-catching search results. Display price, ratings, stock availability, and other attributes to stand out from your competitors and catch customer attention.
  • Pager Optimization: Make pagination pages absolutely search engine friendly. Enable SEO-friendly URLs for them, set the format of the pager URL key, specify how the ‘page’ is defined in the pager URL and add pager number to meta title/ description.
  • SEO For Layered Navigation Pages: Layered Navigation pages usually create thousands of duplicate content URLs with the same page titles/ descriptions. With SEO Suite Ultimate it’s possible to make pages filtered by layered navigation search engine friendly.
  • Custom SEO Redirects: Set custom 301 and 302 redirects FROM/TO any Product / Category / CMS page of your website.
  • Advanced Breadcrumbs: Numerous research proves that breadcrumbs never cause user testing problems, only help to reduce anxiety and improve findability. Use Advanced Breadcrumbs to help users and search engine bots better navigate through your store.
  • HTML Sitemap: Create a convenient and user-friendly overview of your website structure. Arrange all the site links on a single page, thus helping customers better navigate and quickly get to the searched page.
  • XML Sitemap: Include all important site URLs into the XML sitemap to help search engines better crawl and faster index them. The extension allows generating an XML sitemap – including XML sitemap creation right from Console – for products, categories, CMS pages, and other pages, including landing pages.
  • XML Sitemap: Include all important site URLs into the XML sitemap to help search engines better crawl and faster index them. The extension allows generating an XML sitemap – including XML sitemap creation right from Console – for products, categories, CMS pages, and other pages, including landing pages.
  • Automatic Redirects: Stop losing customers by sending them to deleted/404 pages! The automatic redirect functionality allows you to softly offer product alternatives to the missing products or bring them to the relevant product categories.
  • SEO Reports: Use MageWorx SEO reports for products, category, and CMS pages to easily deal with such frequent SEO problems as duplicate content, missing values, errors in metadata, and URLs.

8. Final Thoughts

Each of the top Magento 2 extensions mentioned benefits the end-user. They boost customer service and speed up workflows for the owner of the e-commerce company.
At first glance, the market is already packed with the best Magento plugins to fit every taste and need. However, user expectations are constantly shifting. New trends are continuously emerging and e-commerce companies that want not only to remain afloat but also to beat competition have to adapt. Don’t stop exploring which solutions are considered to be the best Magento modules to date, and be sure to give your users the top user experience!

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