Tips to Automate your Marketing for Shopify Store

March 26, 2020 | 06 min read

Tips to Automate your Marketing for Shopify Store

1. Introduction:

Marketing is an essential part of any enterprise, large or small, and therefore consumes a lot of resources. There is always a time when you are completely prepared for the day and unable to reach the targets on schedule.Marketing automation is a technology which automatically streamlines the marketing process. It makes you give priority to your marketing activities effectively. It automates notifications through emails to make it easier to target different customers. In other terms, marketing automation systems make it much easier for marketers to work, so they can start focusing more on creating leads, branding and other important tasks.
Here, I’m making a few things that will help boost revenue and autopilot traffic, and you can get full benefit for your marketing campaigns.

2. Social Media:

Social networking is the best way to bring free organic traffic to your web store. Many e-commerce firms provide several social network handles. They have a dedicated social networking department to handle their SMO activities. While advertisers have a number of social media platforms at their fingertips, Facebook and Instagram hold the largest social media audience.
Over the years, Facebook has developed a variety of unique features for business owners to promote their products and services. Facebook advertisers will set up and execute data-driven marketing campaigns to improve revenue and increasing product visibility. At the same time, Instagram is becoming famous for its exclusive promotional features. People often switch to this picture sharing app, making it the perfect forum for online advertisers to draw new customers. Instagram advertisements are more successful than Facebook advertising since they are designed specifically for smartphone users.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a form of referral program that allows business owners to maximize their product sales through the marketing efforts of their affiliates. Throughout the Shopify store’s initial promotions, partner marketing is a must-have campaign strategy.It’s one of the best ways to make the company more knowledgeable and attract new customers.The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you only compensate your associates as you make sales.

4. Pay-per-click Ads:

Running PPC advertising is the fastest way to attract specific leads and improve sales. Google Ads is the strongest PPC tool that allows you to create convincing ad campaigns. This shows or includes sponsored ads in top searches on Google’s affiliate websites. The main advantage of
PPC advertising is that you can reach your viewers based on a number of factors, such as venue, ethnicity, gender and age groups. In addition, you will re-target your future clients with campaign comments.

5. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing platforms that is still very successful. Sending mass emails with enticing deals or monthly/ weekly newsletter is an integral part of modern digital marketing campaigns. Nonetheless, email marketing is not as successful as it used to be and does not always produce the desired outcome. A large proportion of target audiences appear to ignore sales communications or unsubscribe newsletters. It is therefore important to develop your email marketing strategy in accordance with the needs of your customers. You can boost the email campaigns by designing them for specific locations and target audience tastes. Visit our
Email Marketing services for more details.

6. Blogging:

Blogging is one of the best ways to promote goods and accelerate safe ecological transport. If you don’t use your company resources to build a forum, you haven’t fully explored your sales potential. Blogging should be a key component of your digital marketing. When you’re able to invest those extra bucks, set up an in-house blogger team to produce fun blog posts about your products.

7. Abandoned Carts:

The secrets to recapturing lost carts. It’s a reality, people are going to add stuff to their cart and bail it out before clicking the buy button. When a website visitor puts an object in their cart, they declare their interest. They’re showing you that they’re only one step away from buying. But there’s a ton of stuff that can go wrong before that one step.
Abandoned cart emails are a super effective way to boost cart recovery and sales. Which suggests that a single abandoned cart email might turn 10 percent of the people it sends to customers. Which will increase the conversion rate on the website.
Nowadays, a single abandoned email cart is on the ecommercce’s table stakes. If you don’t get customers to get their carts back, literally, you’re putting money on the table.

8. Conclusion:

We are a digital marketing agency with an experienced team that offers an extensive range of e-commerce marketing tools to boost Shopify revenue. Our digital marketing team uses the latest online tools and techniques to support the Shopify store through the appropriate online marketing platforms. Explore our digital marketing service here and choose what your business needs are
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