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Things to make and sell on Shopify store

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Once Confucius said, “Choose a career you enjoy, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Is that really possible? Well, yeah, it’s possible to find an exciting hobby and turn it into a side hustle to earn some extra cash.
With the advent of technology, there is no longer an impossible distance between you and the world when it comes to your business. Now, thanks to the internet, there are hundreds of things you can make and sell online and make money out of it!
Today , thousands of Shopify retailers are making handmade products, selling them at art shows, pop-up markets, and online stores all over the world. Ecommerce allows manufacturers more scope, and apps help keep their companies going more smoothly, helping them to concentrate on what they do best: their craft. The best thing is that many of these business ideas can originate from home with limited upfront investment.

2. What do I have to make that I can sell to make money quickly?

This is the kicker, isn’t it? When we get interested in these sales plans, we want-and always need-to see a swift return on our efforts. If you have a stock of heavy-duty pieces such as crochet, stitching and other goods that require a little more time to produce, you’re going to want to focus on stuff that you can produce in bulk, quick.
The general rule of thumb is to measure how much it costs to make each product, including the cost of marketing it if you pay for a host site and incidentals like your business licence, and to report the benefit from it. Make sure to check the prices of rivals as you don’t want to market yourself. If you can’t get a supplier to make it better than the current prices, then find another craft to sell.
It’s about making money, not wasting it, after all.

3. What handmade goods sell better online?

Lucky for you, there’s no lack of products that suit the bill for attractive, cheap, bulk production, and you can get the quick turn you need! Here are only a few samples of items you can make and sell from home, which are almost always a success with people.

Bath Bombs

A quick Google search returns pages of tips to show you how to make your own soaps, bath bombs, and other beauty items at home. With a few inexpensive ingredients, you can make a base where you can apply essential oils, botanicals, cosmetic glitter and more. They vary from basic bath salt formulas to more complex formulas including emulsions and preservatives. This business concept has low creative requirements — soaps and bath bombs can be made using commercial moulds — but packaging and branding are critical in cosmetics, so consider recruiting design to support. When you’ve got the moulds, it’s super simple to churn out hundreds of bath bombs a day, and when you hear they’re resale for $5 and up each, it’s an appealing market opportunity.


Jewelry is another industry concept that can range from basic and low-tech (say, beaded necklaces and woven bracelets) to skilled trade in special equipment (such as silversmiths). It’s a saturated market, so it’s necessary to do your homework up front — how can your designs stand out? Is there a niche market to sell? What started as a boho fashion has now become a sophisticated jewellery choice that integrates polished beads, agate slices and natural gemstones into the settings. Be sure to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the fashion world and let your designs represent who you are. The secret is originality. There are plenty of items to produce and sell online, but jewellery is still on demand!

Gift boxes

A gift or a delivery box company is a perfect idea for those who are less crafty but who have an eye for healing. Contrarily to print-on-demand t-shirts, the company’s curated boxes can be very useful. Assembly can be an expensive job, but the company has its advantages: the subscription boxes are usually packed at once per month and in the same size box, making the shipping process easy. Custom gift baskets are surprisingly high-end and a thoughtful gift, so don’t miss this choice. The added bonus is that you are expected to see less competition on the market.


The candle market in the US is a $2.3 billion industry, and there are many niches to explore: religion, birthday, environmental and herbal, scented, beeswax, novelty, and more. Like soap, there is no lack of DIY guides for beginner candle makers, and simple melting and pouring techniques need few to no prior craft skills. Candles are perfect presents for every occasion — housewarming, wedding, anniversary, birthday — you name it! They’re a great way to make and sell stuff online , particularly if you’re willing to take the time to learn the ins and outs of the scents. The process is fun and the reward is going to be fantastic, particularly when they start selling!


Candy, cakes, baked goods, chocolates and jams. Sugar can be spun, dissolved and cooked into countless products to produce and sell. This is a genre of particular complications — legality, marking and shelf life — but yet with plenty of space for imagination. Niche markets include: festivals and occasions, tradition, novelty, cooking, pet food and gift baskets. Make sure to look at the feasibility of marketing your product online. Are fragility and cooling obstacles to shipping? Be sure to review the state edibles rules, and have some fun. Chocolates, desserts and sweets are still on sale, and when you bake your own, you will sell the public a better quality product than a mass-produced treat. Try caring for special conditions, such as diabetics, gluten-free or vegan, to spice up your customer list.

Digital Goods

There is no sign of stopping the digitisation of goods. Making and selling digital items such as font licences, wedding invitation models, webinars, or Photoshop actions requires a bit of up-front effort, but is relatively hands off once you get started. The operating costs are very low, and there are no traditional pressure points associated with physical products (inventory, shipping). It’s a growing market, and certain people earn hundreds of thousands of dollars selling digital goods!

Magnets and pins

They’re all around. Teenagers love to place pins on their clothing and luggage, and adults like pins to commemorate occasions. Magnets are a way to bring a simple bit of kitch to the kitchen, as well as a way to retain reminders of important events. Design a pair of stellar examples and start marketing your unique take. Enamel Pins remain unbelievably popular and are still on a strong upward trend. Typically you’re going to deal with a manufacturer to produce enamel pins, but the design aspect can be as active as you produce it. Build yourself, or collaborate with a designer to demonstrate your idea.

Natural cosmetics

We just love to look at our best, but the news of all the toxins and ingredients in cosmetics is a little frightening. Whip any of your own to fight the market for a healthy option. This idea takes a bit more time and effort with ingredients and containers for all of the beautifying products, but if you manage to produce the items that support and make customers feel amazing, you might have a whole new business. You don’t need fancy tools, but you can ensure that your set-up also follows market requirements and abides by local home production regulations.


One of the most complex items on our list, pottery needs skill and equipment. If you’re new to the art, seek out the nearby college and community services to teach you the know-how and shared workshop space to use the kiln and equipment (against investing in your own at the beginning). There are, however, other materials which have a lower barrier to entry and which can be used to produce typical potted artefacts, such as planters and ornaments. Try using air clay, polymer clay, or poured concrete. It’s not that easy, but the appeal of quality ceramics is undeniable. With technical advances, it’s also possible to get into ceramics without outfitting a whole studio, so maybe that’s just the thing for you. As far as crafts to produce and sell are concerned, ceramics has been the test of time on the market.

Homemade Pet treats

The demand for pet food and treats is worth $91.8 billion worldwide. Yeah, you’ve read that correctly. In fact, by 2025, the global market is expected to be at the top of $269 billion. People all over the world want to feed their canine chums and fuzzy dogs, and the industry reflects that. With more and more pet owners turning to homemade, raw and organic pet foods, you’d do well to take a slice of this mega-industry pie. Making pet products is a business venture with a big future. What can we say about it? Fur babies deserve to be spoiled. Dog food, catnip pets, and pet collars are all things that can be created quickly from home if you already have a very artistic hand. Enable the owners to guarantee that their cherished canine companions remain in good shape with delicious treats, and you’ll have a customer base as devoted as the pet. That’s why dog treats are quickly becoming one of the favourite crafts to produce and sell from home.


Another nice thing that you can produce and sell online is the coasters! We all need them, and none of us wants theirs to be dull. Help someone spruce up to cover their furniture. Coasters can be made from just about everything you want – what you need is a little imagination! Mix and match your coasters with crazy colours, cool designs, and exclusive stuff, and you’re going to roll in the dough! If you’re looking for stuff to make and sell online from your blog, look at making some exclusive coasters. There is also a niche market for custom wedding and baby shower coasters, double as a present to the attendees.

Picture Frames

The frame is as critical as the photo these days. Craft outstanding frames and you’re going to find customers pounding down the doors for the right accent on their favourite artwork and portraits. They hold some of the most valuable moments of life. And what better way to go along with those precious moments than a custom frame to go through them!
Making and selling personalised photo frames on the internet can be a perfect money-maker, because people enjoy that kind of stuff! Another perfect present for every season, picture frames that are custom and handmade make a gift that much sweeter!

Tote Bags

When you sell a product that your customers would feel good about using, you’re on the way to growth. Tote bags are only one of them, as they can save hundreds of plastic bags from entering our ecosystem in any given year. An additional advantage is a multitude of blank bags available at affordable prices, only waiting for your concept to be stamped on. Making and selling a functional product at home can be rewarding. Tote bags are a really modern craft that’s easy to produce and sell online.


If it’s stock photography or portraits, what you need to get started is a decent camera and a better picture editing software programme. Start taking test shots and learn what you can about the technical aspects of good photography, and maybe you’ll find a new venture. There are all sorts of places that are always open to take fantastic stock images, and companies are always searching for images to use in their ads and branding. If you like photography, this business venture should be a breeze and a perfect way to expose your work to new viewers!

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