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Special Price in Magento

Price in Magento, is the selling price of product. Magento offer various prices for your product. Like, Special price, Group price, Tier price.
By setting different prices to your product you can sell it and get profit accordingly.Here, we are going to discuss about, How to set Special Price in Magento?
Special price in magento, you can offer to your customer easily. Customer can purchase product with special price only for specific period.

  • Admin->Catalog->Manage Product->Select product typeComplete product information required to create. In Prices field set the Price and Special Price. Price will display in front end as a Regular price and Special price will display as a Special price.Special-Price-in-Magento-2
    • Special price from Date: Select Date from which you want to offer special price to product.
    • Special price to Date: Select Date until your special price will exist.
    • Special price will display at both Product Listing Page and Product details page by crossing to Regular price:

Special Price in Listing Page:

  • Special price in Listing Page by crossing to Regular priceSpecial-Price-in-Magento-3
  • Special Price in Shopping Cart Page:Special-Price-in-Magento-4

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