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Shopify Wholesale Orders

Shopify Wholesale Orders

Shopify is a very popular platform. It provides many features to fulfill the ecommerce site needs. Order creation is also a wonderful feature by shopify. You can create orders and send invoices for your wholesale customers within your Shopify admin.
You can have multiple options for your wholesale customers to pay. If your wholesale customers make large orders then you can allow them to submit draft orders for you to review. But it can be a time consuming process so it should not be recommended for small purchases, for small purchases allow customers to pay at checkout.
You can also enable the option to the customer ( wholesale) to pay on checkout by setting a limit for the order amount. If an order amount exceeds the limit then your wholesale customers need to submit the orders to you for review.

Create Price list for Wholesale Customers

You can set different pricing for your wholesale customers. You may offer tiered pricing to your wholesale customers by setting different rates. Also you may offer various discounts on products or on Collections.

Tag Customer Profiles

Once you create the wholesale pricing then next you need to assign that price to your customers. You need to tag them to assign customers wholesale pricing.

Manage Your Orders

When your wholesale customers place an order that order is not processed immediately, it will show up as a draft order. You will get an email notification once wholesale orders are placed by wholesale customers. After that you can accept the payment and mark the order as fulfilled. There might be a case if your wholesale customer places a larger order than available inventory on hand, in such a case you can reduce the product quantity while the order is still in draft mode. You can also add additional discounts, tax, shipping cost to the final order from your dashboard.

Draft orders in Shopify?

Draft orders are the orders that your customers submit for review.
To view shopify draft order details, go to Shopify Admin->Orders->Draft Orders
After you review an order, you email your wholesale customers an invoice that includes information about how to pay for the order.
You can also create wholesale orders on behalf of your wholesale customers in your Shopify admin.
Create a draft order by selecting products from the list, add discounts, add taxes, add shipping to the order. You can add a custom item to this order with product name, price, quantity and taxes. When a wholesale order is created, it is tagged with a tag named wholesale.
You can email an invoice for this draft order and accept payment and change payment status as Mark as a paid, Mark as pending, pay with credit card.

Payments & Invoices

Manage payment and invoices for your wholesale customers. You can process the payments and manage payment status accordingly. If your wholesale customers process payments directly through shopify then you can mark as a paid and if customer will be paying at a future time then you can mark as a pending payment.
You can also provide the custom order page to your wholesale customers so that they can access your entire product list on a single page order form and they can add multiple products directly to their cart.
Also you can provide a facility to Reorder, where customers can reorder the previous order in 2 clicks making it an even faster checkout for them. Of course, they can add a few items or remove a few items from their cart too before checking out.
Reordering features save your customers time searching for products, Improve shop experience and boost conversion.
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