Shopify Third-Party Integration Made Easy

Shopify provides a strong and user friendly platform according to your needs  for your online business. With the right integration you can scale your business and take your business to the next level. That’s why shopify third party integration is a must for your online business. It allows you to connect with additional external services and apps functionality. The true power of shopify is in third party integrations.

In this blog post we will discuss all about shopify third party integration importance, setup and optimizing the best part is must for your shopify business.

1. What is Shopify third Party Integration?

Shopify third party integration means connectivity between your shopify store and third party apps and services to enhance the functionality that is not available in shopify default. Through the third party integration with your shopify store it enhances the customer experience.

There are some ways of integrate third party apps or services with your shopify store :

Shopify App Store 

The easiest way is to install the third party app from shopify app store. In shopify app stores there are lots of free and paid apps available so according to need, the merchants can select the right app for increasing the functionality of online stores, automated tasks and improving customer experience. After installation the app is easily integrated with your store. The best thing is that you don’t need to hire a shopify specialist because the shopify app store provides apps for non technical people with user friendly interfaces.

Shopify API 

If you want custom integrations with more advantages and manipulate the store data like orders, products, customers and collections then you can go with shopify API. Using shopify API your store can communicate with different platforms. As an online business owner you know the complications of switching one app to another app with data then the API is the best option.

External Services

You can use external services like payment gateways or fulfillment companies that are not present in shopify app store. The developer can use this type of services using shopify API and connect your online store with external services. These types of integrations help to process the payment, handle shipping and enhance customer support.

2. Benefits of Shopify Third Party Integrations

The integration of shopify with third party apps or services is a must for boost business growth, here are some benefits of shopify third party integrations :

Boost your Business Sales

The integration of third party apps or services like live chat and email marketing can easily engage the customers with your brand and purchase from you. Also can create loyalty programs with the use of a third party app of shopify for reward customers who make repeated purchases.

Improve Efficiency

The third party integration automates the time consuming manual process, it saves your time and you can focus on your business sales. Using integration on one click you sync your orders, fulfillment and inventory levels. The third party integration corrects your workflow by connecting multiple parts of your business.

Enhance Customer Experience

To provide the best shopping experience you increase customer satisfaction. This type of integration helps you to design and customize your shopify store and provide your customer better. Integration of third party services can be used to save payment information, auto shopping, and provide order or special offers related notifications to customers.

Extending Functionality

All functionalities are not present in shopify  by default, so one of the main reasons for increased functionality and performance are third party integration. The third party app works like bridges by providing special solutions or functionality that are not present in your theme.

Future Proofing Business

The online ecommerce business is continuously changing. The integration allows you to add new channels, facilities, functionalities and capabilities to your store so you can stay ahead of the competition.

3. Top Most Shopify Integration Options for Online Store

There are various integrations options present in shopify, so can choose from these :

Custom App Development 

Using shopify API and SDK you can customize your store or create custom apps according to your requirements. You will have full control and flexibility on this type of  functionality. You need custom app development in some cases-

  • Adding new features and functionalities to your online store.
  • Automating manual work.
  • Integrating a third-party app with your online store.

Opposite to public apps, the custom apps are not present for other stores, it can be accessed by store owners and authorized developers.


The Zapier is an automation platform that connects shopify with more than 1500 other third party apps. The user-friendly interface of zapier helps you to email marketing, shopping and accounting process automation. It works like a bridge that is used to connect 2 or more apps.


For transfer real time data between shopify store and other applications then you can use webhooks. Webhooks are automated messages that are used for communication between various apps also. To automate the work, increase customer experience , manage inventory, new orders and get real time updates of new customer signup , the webhook is important in shopify.

API Integrations

To increase the functionality of your online shopify store the API integration is a best option it makes easy to integrate your store with third party apps. It works like a bridge between shopify and third party apps and is also responsible for communicating with apps. Using API integration you can automate the manual processes. Some examples of API integrations are payment gateway, ratings, product reviews and inventory management.


By integrating your shopify store with third party services you can automate the complete process, increase business, improve customer experience and increase your sales and revenue. The proper integration you can make a scalable and effective ecommerce store. The success of integration requires proper planning, information about new tools and updates and management. As your business grows, continuously refine your integrations to meet change demand and seize new opportunities in the digital ecommerce world.

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