Shopify Pricing Plans

Bhavesha | 22 March,2023 | 5 min reads
Shopify offers several pricing plans to cater to businesses of all sizes and requirements. Here are the current Shopify plans:
In order to choose the right Shopify plan, you’ll need to consider what features you want, the price point you’re looking for, and how much technical support you require. Here’s a shopify pricing guide to help you choose the right plan.

Basic Shopify: $29/month

Ideal for small businesses with basic needs and low sales volume.
Allows unlimited products, 24/7 customer support, and the ability to accept credit card payments.

Shopify: $79/month

Offers more features and tools than the Basic Shopify plan, including professional reports, gift cards, abandoned cart recovery, and more.

Advanced Shopify: $299/month

Designed for high-volume businesses with complex needs.
Offers advanced report building, third-party shipping rates, and more.

Shopify Plus: Custom Pricing

Suitable for enterprise-level businesses with custom requirements.
Offers personalized support, dedicated account managers, and advanced features such as international storefronts and multi-currency support.
All Shopify plans come with a 14-day free trial, and users can switch between plans anytime.

Compare Shopify Plans and Price

When considering a Shopify plan, the most important factor to consider is the plan’s cost. Shopify subscription plans range from $9 per month for Basic Shopify to $299 per month for Advanced Shopify. Prices vary depending on the plan selected, so it’s important to compare them and find the one that fits your business needs best. Additionally, be sure to account for additional fees associated with using third-party apps or other add-ons when choosing a plan option.
In summary, you should choose a Shopify plan based on your goals, budget, and required features. A Basic strategy is a good choice if you have a large inventory and are an established business owner. Keeping track of reports and scaling an online store with many customers will be easier with Shopify and Advanced Shopify. As your needs change, you can always upgrade your plan.

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