Easy Steps to Integrate the Payment Gateways in Shopify Store

If you are running an online shopify ecommerce store and want to accept online payments then the payment gateway setup is required. Have  you thought about the simplest way of setting up Shopify payment gateway integration in your store? Choosing and setting up a right payment gateway is important for your ecommerce business success. Shopify provides only one payment gateway facility  but if you integrate with a third party payment gateway you have multiple options and you can also customize multiple things. In this blog post we will discuss what to consider when selecting the payment gateway and how to integrate  third party payment gateway in your shopify store.

1. What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway works as a middleman between customers, business owners and the merchants acquiring a bank, using this the secure and seamless online transactions are done. So it is a required service for merchants to get online payment. When the customer places an order on your shopify store then the payment gateway securely transfers the payment’s information to that financial institution for processing. This service is provided by your bank but many types of third party payment providers are also available, you must need this for online transactions because without this integration online transaction is not possible. The third party payment providers give you the facility of credit card payments.At the time of choose the payment gateway you need to consider this things-

  • Fees
  • Currencies.
  • Transaction security
  • Customer experience
  • Local and international payments.

2. How to integrate payment gateway in shopify store?

Integration of shopify’s default payment gateway 

Shopify provides their built in payment gateway it is called shopify payments without any third party fees and provide the easy checkout experience, the process of enable this in your store-


Third party payment gateway integration in shopify store

If shopify’s default payment gateway unavailable in your location then the third party payment gateway integration is best option for your store, here is complete process of third party payment gateway integration-

1. Same as above after the goto payment option goto add payment method.

2. Select the payment gateway that service is available for your location.

3. Install the payment gateway.


4. After installing the Shopify payment gateway enter the essential account credentials details that are required for chosen gateway.


5. Activate the payment method to make it visible on the checkout.

3. Which third party payment gateways are available in shopify?

Many types of third party shopify payment gateway available with easy integration, secure payment, support multiple currencies, allow payment using account and credit card and make easy checkout.

In shopify some popular best third-party payment providers shopify available that are:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • 2Checkout
  • PayU
  • Authorize.Net


This is a Important decision to choose the right payment gateway for your shopify store. Analysis of your requirements, follow step-by-step integration guidelines and hassle-free payment experience for you and your customer both are must. In this guide we have discussed payment gateway, integration and security. Follow this guide you can take a right decision for payment gateway and provide seamless transaction and provide best checkout experience to your customers. By choosing the right payment gateway and optimizing the checkout process you build trust with your customers and this increases your business growth.

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