Shopify Minimum Order Quantity For Wholesale

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To keep the business going, it’s more feasible and profitable to sell in bulk. It also maintains the profit margin. In the long term, selling in bulk is a secure business approach for keeping the firm running.
As a result, the minimum and maximum order quantities are established. Manufacturers and suppliers can make little or large orders and sell them all at once by permitting a set order quantity.
Not just for eCommerce business owners like you, but for the vast majority of wholesale firms, a minimum order amount typically suffices. In this post, you’ll learn about minimum order quantities and how to apply them to your wholesale business in Shopify.

2. What Is Minimum Order Quantity?

The term Minimum Order Quantity, or MOQ, is self-explanatory. It’s a business technique in which a customer must acquire a product in a certain quantity from a wholesaler or supplier.
For example, your product’s minimum order quantity (MOQ) is set at 100 units or $200. To conduct business with you, a buyer must acquire at least 100 units or spend $200.
The lowest and maximum order values, as well as both, are possible. It all depends on who you’re trying to reach. If the customer is simply interested in purchasing 100 pieces or more, you might not have any problems conducting business. Another supplier, on the other hand, could not even consider a contract if the order isn’t for 10,000 units.

3. How To Apply Minimum Order Quantity In Shopify?

In Shopify, there are two ways to set a minimum purchase order quantity for your wholesale store:

Set your wholesale store’s minimum order amount

Wholesale clients who do not meet or exceed the minimum order amount specified by your business must place an order that meets or exceeds the amount set by your store.
  • Go to your Shopify account’s admin page.
  • Open up the wholesale channel (available only for Shopify Plus).
  • Choose preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • Enable the option to specify a minimum purchase amount.
  • Set a quantity that matches or exceeds wholesale drafts orders.
  • Click the “Save” button.

Set the minimum order amount for a wholesale customer

For your wholesale store, you’ve already established a minimum purchase amount. However, you may specify a minimum order amount for each wholesale customer to ensure that their wholesale order needs are met or exceeded.
Go to your Shopify admin to enable a minimum wholesale purchase order quantity for an individual client:
  • Open up the wholesale channel (available only for Shopify Plus).
  • Select Customers.
  • From the table, choose the individual customer’s name.
  • Enable Set a minimum purchase.
  • Specify the minimum amount required to fulfill or exceed the individual customer’s minimum order quantity.
  • Click the Save button.

4. Why MOQ is important for eCommerce sellers

MOQ is a crucial quantity for suppliers to calculate, but it’s also something that eCommerce sellers should think about. This is because the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the product you intend to sell online has an impact on more than simply the number of products you need to purchase. Minimum order quantities also have an impact on the following:


The minimum order quantity (MOQ) that you can afford to purchase and store affects which suppliers you can and cannot deal with. As a result, MOQ is a crucial factor in your product research.

Flow of funds

MOQ also has a direct influence on your cash flow because it affects how much of your money is invested in shares. If your supplier has a high MOQ, you will most likely be asset-rich but cash-poor, which might have an impact on your budget for other things like marketing, promotion, and growth.


Low MOQs allow you to purchase fewer items, but depending on how rapidly these products sell out, you may wind up spending time and money refilling stock levels on a regular basis.


MOQs allow suppliers to operate lucrative and efficient businesses, which typically results in higher-quality products and positive supplier relationships. If a supplier has an abnormally low MOQ, it is wise to inquire as to why.


The minimum quantity of items you must order influences the amount of warehouse space you need to store these products. This, in turn, may have an impact on staffing, security, and insurance expenses.


Finally, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) of a product influences how many sales are required to generate a profit and your product pricing strategy. This has implications for how much time and money must be spent on marketing, advertising, multi-channel selling, rapid shipping, and so forth.

5. Summing Up

When you seek wholesale clients in order to maintain a balanced business and consistent cash flow, you are preparing to sell your items in large quantities. Isn’t that correct?
By allowing wholesale minimum quantity orders, you may get rid of low-budget clients and avoid the hassle of dealing with bargain-hunters. It also guarantees that only the proper individuals are allowed to conduct business with you. Suppliers and manufacturers with whom you deal must also make a profit while fulfilling your shop orders. The minimum order quantity guarantees that they do.

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