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15 Strategies to Increase your Shopify Store Conversion Rate

What is a Conversion?

A conversion is the general term for a visitor who completes a target for the site. A conversion occurs when a store user reaches a desired target, such as filling out a form, subscribing to email or making a purchase. Conversion could be anything depending on the website goals.

What is a Conversion Rate?

Conversion rate is a ratio and a way to calculate what percentage of visitors to your website is actually converting. The percentage of total visitors to your website or landing page that convert is called your conversion rate.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the technique by which people take desired action while visiting your store. It is a process of optimizing your shopify store or landing page to produce more conversion from your store traffic.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

Here’s how CRO can benefits your store:

  • To Increase Revenue per Visitors
  • To Acquire more Customer
  • To Grow your Business
  • Better User Experiences
  • Higher ROI
There is always room for improvement when it comes to increasing sales and overall user experience. The most top stores are constantly iterating and improving their sites to create a better user experience to grow conversions.
Following are some of the best practices or strategies to increase shopify store conversion rate.

Shopify CRO Strategies To Try:

1. Homepage

When it comes to designing an effective homepage, simplicity is a key. Homepage guides visitors around the website so you should try to simplify the user experience and make the homepage visually appealing. To build trust you should add testimonials, reviews or badges.

2. Navigation

It is like a roadmap to show your website users what’s important and it has a great impact on the visitors. Always try to make easy navigation to users and to provide information to search engines.

3. Product Pages

You should always provide a detailed product description to create a better understanding of the product. Q&A section, write a review section, high quality multiple product images, and a perfect call to action makes the product description more compelling. Focus on to showcase your product reviews and be upfront about the product delivery time, product price, and out of stock products.

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4. Call to Action

CTA can help to direct your visitors where you want them to go. Be strategic about CTA placement as with better CTA you can grab the attention of the user and convince them for what you want to do.

5. Smooth & Easy Checkout

The checkout process is considered as a final step of the purchasing process, so it needs to be easy and flawless to avoid abandoning carts at the last moment. Try to make an easy and smooth checkout for visitors.

6. Website Speed and Performance

Website load time is the most important process while optimizing your store because faster pages result in greater customer engagement and fast page load time helps to boost the website’s crawl rate as well as improves the overall user experience. Click to know more about how to optimize your website.

7. Exit-Intent Popups

Exit intent popups are a great way for online stores to stop the users who are going to leave your website. Design and use exit intent popups to offer your visitors something that they can’t refuse.

8. Abandoned Cart

Unsurprisingly, most often buyers fill up their carts with goods and then leave your store without any desire to return. With abandoned cart emails, you can remind those customers of the products they’ve already shown interest in and send them a little bit of nudge to head back to your store to complete the transaction.

9. Thank you Email Optimization

A single Thank you email is vital to the success for rising visitors engagement and brand loyalty. A Thank you email is a form of auto-generated email that any brand uses strategically to create personal or special customer relationships.

10. Contact Us and About Us page

Contact us and about us page are more important than you think. When a visitor visits your website they explore your homepage but when they want to learn more about you they visit your about us page and next the contact us page when they want to contact you for any business or services that’s why they are more important.

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11. Shipping and Returns

Shipping and return policy improves users’ trust, and it gives a feeling of safety to consumers. It also ensures excellent customer service. Most businesses offer free shipping to increase sales and revenue.

12. Adapt Mobile-First Strategy

Mobile-first is a design strategy and an approach to adapt responsive mobile designs on different sizes of devices as 90% of internet use is expected to come from mobile devices only. It is necessary to make mobile your first priority and check each and every element of your website on mobile view from structure to design.

13. A/B Testing

A/B testing is a methodology to show two versions of a webpage to visitors to see which version of the webpage is performing better or driving more conversion.

14. Build Customer Trust

Customer testimonials and trust Signals build customers trust and help customers to feel more secure in their buying decision. It really helps to boost conversion because once you gain your customer’s trust, they will start believing in the products or services you’re selling.

15. SEO

Search engine optimization ultimately helps in CRO in the hope that driving traffic may leads to sales.


Now you have many ideas as we have covered everything in this article. Start conversion rate optimization by using these awesome techniques on your shopify store. There are so many other tips also to make your business grow you can apply them to your business as well.
If you have any questions regarding shopify conversion rate optimization strategies contact us will get back to you to get your store optimized!

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