How to Implement Shopify App Bridge Toast API

We’re living in a world of e-commerce. There are so many platforms available in the market to set up the online stores but among all of them shopify is preferred by most. Developers frequently find themselves deeply engaged in the process of crafting smooth user experiences within Shopify apps due to its flexible ecosystem and wide range of resources. Staying current is crucial for everyone in today’s world, whether it’s individuals or technology.

As a result, technology undergoes updates and deprecations to remain relevant and effective. Shopify app developers have recently been informed that the Shopify Toast component is now deprecated. No need to fret! The App Bridge Toast API comes into play to rescue us.

Why is it migrated ?

Using the Shopify Toast component, we can display notifications or messages for any action that occurs. With the introduction of Shopify App Bridge and subsequent updates, transitioning to a more current and well-supported approach. To safeguard our application’s long-term viability, we can leverage the App Bridge Toast API, a modern and well-supported solution. Developers engaged with the Shopify Remix app can leverage the App Bridge Toast API to gain advantages from the latest features and ensure better compatibility with future updates.

In this article, we’ll explore how to utilize the App Bridge Toast API as a replacement for the deprecated Shopify Toast component in the Shopify Remix app. But first, let’s understand the differences between and the App Bridge Toast API.

Advantages of Using App Bridge Toast API:

  •  Integrate seamlessly: Because it’s designed for Shopify app development, it ensures smooth integration with other app bridge functionalities and Shopify’s ecosystem.
  • Compatibility across frameworks: It is compatible with any framework that is supported by the Shopify App Bridge, such as React and Vue.js, unlike the Component.
  • Improved Customization: It offers a wide range of customization features that developers can utilize to craft personalized notifications, thereby enabling them to elevate the user experience.
  • Active Maintenance and Support: Continuously updated and actively maintained to ensure compatibility with the Shopify platform, including regular bug fixes and ongoing support.

Securing robustness for the times ahead:Shopify consistently advances its platform, introducing fresh features and capabilities. With the App Bridge Toast API, developers can guarantee the longevity of their apps.

What sets apart from the App Bridge Toast API?

The component continues to function effectively in Shopify despite being deprecated, but it consumes more code space compared to the App Bridge Toast API.

Instructions for implementing the App Bridge Toast API:

Step 1: Please include the necessary dependencies.

Include the required dependencies in your remix code. Here, we’re crafting the app.toast.jsx file to integrate the App Bridge Toast API.

Step 2: Install App Bridge.

Install App Bridge to your project.

Get started with App Bridge

Step 3: Remove the outdated Toast Component.

Remove the Shopify Toast Component code from the relevant files and replace it with code for the App Bridge Toast API.

Step 4: Add App Bridge Toast API

Below is the code provided for integrating the App Bridge Toast API:






Transitioning from the outdated component to the App Bridge Toast API is the ideal move to enhance your remix app. By following the steps outlined in the blog and leveraging the capabilities of the App Bridge framework, you can seamlessly integrate toast notifications into your remix app within Shopify’s evolving ecosystem.


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