Screen Recording for Marketing Success: 10 Tips and Tricks

Thanks to modern technology, businesses have easy access to dynamic resources that can help scale a company quickly. To help with sales and optimize your advertising campaigns you may simply needto know how to record your PC screen.

Sound too simple? Is there really value in desktop recording and sharing it with your audience? For one thing, screen recordings combined with your voice that shares the marketing message can seem very personal. You may find your audience eagerly responding to it!

To help you get it right, we tell all.


Why Use Screen Recordings for Marketing?

Of course there’s value in videos and marketing content created by professionals. However, you can create valuable content yourself as well, which saves you money to invest in other aspects of your business. And all you need is a screen recorder and the tips we share below.

Your options of how to apply this marketing approach is quite diverse, such as these creative examples:

  • Product displays or reviews
  • Turning a blog into a video, to cater for clients who prefer watching a clip to reading content
  • Share the finer details of your company, product or service
  • Record and share footage of a Zoom or Skype discussion between you and an influencer if an in-person meeting is too expensive to set up

Pick an application that works for your own and your audience’s needs!

2. Communication Platforms

Real-time communication is crucial when working with a virtual assistant. To ensure clear and consistent communication, there are a plethora of tools available that cater to different needs.

Some tools prioritize video calls, while others focus on instant messaging or email integration. Depending on the nature of the tasks and the preferences of the collaborators, VAs can pick a platform that best serves their communication needs.

3. File Sharing And Storage Solutions

Virtual assistants often deal with a multitude of documents, images, and files. Secure and efficient file-sharing tools are indispensable for them. With the right software, VAs can easily share files with clients, ensure that they’re stored safely, and even collaborate on these files in real time.

This eliminates the need for constant back-and-forth and ensures that both parties have access to the most recent version of any document.

10 Helpful Tips to Make Marketing More Successful with Screen Recordings

In short, screen recording helps you to ‘show’ instead of just ‘tell’ your clients about your brand. But, you must ensure each clip is a quality product. When you impress viewers with your recording, it will boost your brand reputation.

Keep reading to discover how to get it right.

Start with the Right Screen Recording Tool

Do make sure you use the right tool that will allow you to capture quality footage. Luckily, today’s technology means you can even get a free screen recorder and have all the functions you need for quality clips.

External Mic is Best

If your budget allows, do invest in an external microphone, rather than only relying on your computer or laptop’s built in mic. You’ll get much better quality audio, so your audience can hear your message clearly. Also, you’ll avoid capturing too much background noise which will make editing easier.

Pick a Name

For any content you share online, keep SEO in mind, so it will be noticed by search engines and get the attention it deserves. An easy strategy is to use keywords in the title of your recording.

Plan Content in Detail

Now, before you press record, consider all aspects of the screen recording. A detailed plan will help improve the quality, so take the following into account:

  • List your audience’s pain points, because your audio and video should address their needs.
  • Now, what are the key points you want to share? The narration and flow of thoughts must be clear, or you won’t keep viewers’ attention.
  • To help you stay on topic, write a script.
  • Decide what tone will suit your message and purpose of the video. Should it be comical and relevant to younger people, or formal to engage professionals? Use this tone throughout the recording to create a sense of unity.

Manage the Environment

Pick the most beneficial place and time to make your recording. There should be minimal background noise, so doing it once everyone has left the office is a good idea.

If the recording includes footage of you, captured by the webcam, ensure the background is appropriate and won’t be distracting.

Small On-Screen Details that Matter

Anything that happens during the recording should enhance your message delivery, not distract viewers or focus their attention on insignificant details. Towards this goal, keep the following in mind during planning and once you hit ‘Record’:

  • Use wallpaper that matches the theme of your message.
  • Clean up your desktop or even remove all icons, so everything looks organized as you switch between different tabs and programs.
  • Use a zoom function to focus attention on important details, so viewers know exactly what you want them to see.
  • Hide the cursor if your footage only requires viewers to focus on keystrokes.

Stop and Pause

When you record video on computer, you don’t have to do it all in one go. If your throat gets dry or you start feeling anxious, stop, rest and review your plan. Then continue with confidence and use post production to put it all together.

Prompt to Take Action

Any marketing material is about getting people to take action. Do you want them to contact you, join a newsletter or buy a product? Prompt them to do this throughout your recording, so even if they don’t watch to the end, there’s the possibility of engaging them in the next step of your marketing plan.

Prioritise Post-Production

Plan to have enough time to edit your footage and add features that make it more professional and engaging, for example:

  • Be critical and remove any unnecessary footage—the shorter the better
  • Remove silences that make the video longer, without adding value
  • Create intros and outros
  • Change clip dimensions to suit the social media platforms where you’ll share your video

Have a Sharing Strategy

Plan how you’ll share your screen recording even before you start, because this impacts aspects like the dimensions and format you’ll focus on during post production. Each social media platform has guidelines on what the best, preferred specs are, especially for optimal viewing on a phone screen. So, research and comply in order to get the most exposure and engagement.

Also consider how you can repurpose screen recordings down the line. Your primary focus may be your audience viewing it on mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in your next month’s newsletter as well.

You’ve put so much work into it, so why not use it multiple times?


Today’s technology, such as an online screen recorder, is empowering and so much of it is available free of charge! And now a few simple guidelines are all you need to create quality screen recordings that put you one step ahead of the competition.

It’s time to prove you’re the market leader in your field.

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