Unlocking the Power of Product Swatches in Shopify: A Guide to Enhancing Your Online Store

In the world of online shopping, pictures are crucial for grabbing customers’ attention. Shopify, a top e-commerce platform, has features like product swatches that let sellers show off different versions of their products easily.

What Are Product Swatches?

Product swatches are small pictures of different versions of a product. Instead of just reading about different options, customers can click on swatches to see what each one looks like. It makes shopping more fun and easier.

How to Add Product Swatches in Shopify

Shopify can show different versions of products, but it takes a little setup to make swatches work without extra apps:

  • Variant Images: Give each product version its own picture. When customers click on a swatch, they’ll immediately see that version’s picture.
  • Variant Metafield Images: These let you add extra pictures to specific versions. It’s like customizing each product’s look.
  • First we need to create a variant metafield in admin.
    Admin -> Settings -> Custom data -> Variants -> Add definition
  • Variant Color: Use colour swatches if your products come in different colors. They make it easy for customers to see all the color options.

Why Use Product Swatches?

Adding swatches straight to your Shopify store has lots of benefits:

  • Better Shopping Experience: Swatches make it easy for customers to see all the options, making shopping more enjoyable.
  • Less Hassle: With swatches, customers can pick what they want faster. That means they’re more likely to buy something.
  • More Sales: Customers are more likely to buy when they can see everything clearly. Swatches help them make up their minds.


Adding product swatches can make your store look better and make shopping easier for your customers. Whether it’s showing off different pictures, adding custom looks, or using color swatches, making shopping fun and easy means more sales for you. Try adding product swatches in Shopify today and see your sales go up!

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