Product import/export in Shopify

April 14, 2020 | 05 min read

Product import/export in Shopify

Shopify is a powerful platform, which makes it easy to build a beautiful online website very quickly. Shopify provides various features including product import/export.
This blog helps you to learn how to import/export products in shopify?
Importing products via CSV is easy and quicker. A CSV file, also known as comma-separated values file, stores tabular data (numbers and text) as plain text.
Importing product data via CSV can speed up your design or development process by providing data to populate your store quickly.
You can import product CSVs which contain images and product data, such as variants, that you can import into a Shopify store.

How to import a product CSV

To import products csv, login to the Shopify Admin, navigate to Products page and click on Import found in the top left hand corner.
Clicking on import will open a popup window with the option to upload a CSV file.
Click the Add File button and select the product CSV file you would like to use for your store.
Click Upload file.
After uploading the file, first preview the products i.e. the title, description and type shows up in the right place, click Start import to import the CSV file.
Import should take less than 5 minutes to populate your store depending on the CSV you select to upload.
Once the import is finished, you will see the imported products in your store with real product descriptions, variants, and thumbnails.
Above, you can see a product that’s been imported to the store via CSV file.

Exporting Products

To export your products, go to your Shopify admin > Products page and click on the “Export” button at the top of the screen.
Select preferred options and click on the “Export products” button.A product list will be downloaded to your computer.
Are you in trouble during product import/export in shopify?
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