In a world where customers are abandoning stores for online retail, how can you possibly make their website stand out? With online retail expected to grow almost 20% over the next 3 years, it is crucial in today’s market to create an easy, sleek, and efficient website to sell your product or service.
That being said, there are thousands of e-commerce development companies to choose from, so why would you pick us over all the others? We aim to make every single one of our clients to be satisfied with our work.
We recently partnered with Clutch, a B2B ratings and review firm in Washington, D.C., which connects businesses through client reviews so they can be more successful together. Our work with Clutch has helped boost us to be a leading e-commerce developer in India!
One of our happy clients is an Automotive Company; we partnered with the business to build a customized e-commerce store and perform Magento and WordPress migration services. We allocated 4 of our specialists to work with the company on a daily basis, and in turn, its site traffic has steadily increased each week!
We regularly spoke with the company’s director of operations to ensure an open communication channel, and we were always responsive to their needs.
“Our site traffic has been increasing each week. We wouldn’t exist without a team of IT experts like OSC professionals.” – Director of Operations, Automotive Company
Another happy customer of ours is a disability products retailer. We partnered with the company to create a module on its site that shows the price of products before and after VAT, a special tax levied on products in the UK. Certain products on its website are exempt from the tax, so our job was to make it clear the price of products with and without the tax.
Not only does the module we created help the retailer sort requests more easily, but it also makes it simple for customers who already have enough to deal with!
“This module forms a vital part of our online store.” – Employee, Disability Products Retailer
These reviews are just two of our successful projects; we could go on forever about customers and how proud we are of the products we have created together.
OSC is also featured on one of Clutch’s sister sites, The Manifest, which lists us as the number 7 best direct marketing agency in India! We could not be a leader without our wonderful clients, so thank you!
OSC is also now featured on Visual Objects, a site that lists companies’ portfolio items.
The team at OSC is proud to be constantly partnering with companies that have a vision and then working until that vision has been realized. We strive to always follow our own unique process while adjusting to our clients’ needs, and it appears that our approach has paid off!
At OSC we aim to make our customer’s perception in reality by understanding their Business objective and delivering an appropriate solution.
We believe in making a long-term customer, not a one-time sale.
If any prospective customer has questions or simply wants to gather more information on our services, please feel free to contact us!