Optimize Total Blocking Time(TBT)

1. Optimizing Total Blocking time

Total Blocking Time (TBT) is a load responsiveness metric that measures the usability of the web page during the loading. Total Blocking Time is an important user-centric performance metric that compares the time amount of non-responsive and responsive time during the rendering phase of the web page.

1.1 Identification LCP

Tools like Page speed insights,GTMetrix,lighthouse.

1.2 TBT Audits Tool

  • Reduce the impact of third party code
  • Minimize main-thread work
  • Reduce Javascript execution time
  • Avoid an executive DOM size
  • Avoid long main thread tasks
  • Defer non-critical CSS and Javascript
  • Use code-splitting for reducing the Javascript Payloads
Note: If TBT is optimized, load-responsiveness will be better and First Input Delay.