You higher wish to display your promotional activity in your store at front. But you couldn’t get the effective way as your wish. For that we offer Magento Promotional rules. We might be hope it will work for you very best.
Promotion is a built-in functionality in Magento. Magento offer some promotional and Marketing tools to promote your business.
Magento offer Two ways to promote your product :Catalog Price Rules
Shopping Cart Price Rules

Here we discuss, how to set Catalog Price Rules in Magento:

Catalog Price Rules:

If you want to show your discount at Catalog to grab people then by using Catalog Price Rules you can show it effectively. In which, you can offer discounts with specific condition and that will display on Catalog.

Process to apply Catalog price rules:

Go to Admin->Promotions->Catalog Price Rules

Step by step complete the rule related information.

Rule Information:

  • Enter Rule Name. You can give any name to your rule,according to your choice.


  • You can add some description related to your rule or you may not because it is optional field.


  • It set to Active to activate a rule otherwise is not.


  • You can select Websites to which you want to apply rules. You can select multiple websites from your store.

Customer Group:

  • Select Customer Group,to which you want to apply rules. You can select more Customer Group by Pressing and Holding ctrl(control) key.

From Date and To Date:

  • It specified the Time Period until which time period Price rules will valid.


  • Here you can set value ‘0’ or ‘1’.Rule will apply based on priority.

Catalog Price Rules Condition:

  • Click on Conditions. To set conditions to your rules.

To apply Conditions Click on Green plus symbol then select Conditions Combination. Select Attributes where you want to set rules. You can set conditions to different Attributes, SKU, Categories, etc.

In above screen shot rule applied to product whose SKU is 1113.

Catalog Price Rules Action:

Click on the Actions button on the left to manage the settings related to price rule actions:

Action field provide a way in which form you can apply discount such as By percentage of original price or By fixed amount.
You can also apply discount to Sub products also by setting Yes to drop down in Enable Discount to Sub product.

-After completing all these fields click on Save and Apply

Rule Shown at front-end in Catalog:

20% discount show at catalog as rule set earlier to SKU 1113