If you want to promote your specific product. But you might be thinking how can I do this, which rule I should apply?
To promote your product you can apply free shipping for single product only, Catalog price rule to give discount, or Shopping Cart Price rules etc.
For that solution is in Magento, it has functionality where you can offer various promotion. Free Shipping refers to there is no any shipping charge to product while purchasing. It is better way to offer promotion to your customer and it is an effective way to grab customer quickly.
Process to apply Free Shipping to Single Product
Go to Admin Panel -> Promotion -> Shopping Cart Price Rules
shop cart selection for free ship setting.jpg
While creating new rule, you required to fill all Rules related fields.
Rule Information
Rule Name:
Enter name to your rule. You can set any Name to your rule. It is for internal use only.
Set Active to apply rule
Select Websites to where you want to apply rule
Customer Group:
Select entire Customer Group or those Group you want to apply
If you want to add coupon then select specified coupon from drop-down
Uses per Coupon:
It specify the number, that how many times customer can uses per coupon
From Date, To Date:
It is the time validation of setting rule
Set value 0 or 1 for priority. Lowest priority rule will apply first.
Public in RSS Feed:
Set yes if you want to distribute your information on-line
Set Condition:
To set specified condition click on Green plus symbol then select Attribute Combination. After that choose attribute or categories or SKU that you want.
You can select more than one condition.
In above screen-shot free shipping apply to SKU=MM-A900M.
Set Action:
In Free Shipping field select For matching items only by clicking drop-down
Set Label:
Give Label to your Rule
Save Rule:
We are going to apply Free Shipping for Single Product, not to all. For all product we will charge Shipping.
So that we must to do following setting.
Go to Admin -> System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Methods -> Free Shipping
Set Free Shipping Enabled is No If in case We set Free Shipping is Yes then it will apply to all product,so that we set here Free Shipping is No
after that Save Configuration.
Result in Front-end:
Click on Add to Cart to add product in Shopping Cart
Complete step by step Checkout Process
Free Shipping will show when click on Shipping Method, Screen-shot as given below.