In e-commerce market, Magento Cart is a rich platform for online business. In Magento shopping cart you can configure function of magento view all product categories by uploading Comma-Separated Value format. If you have an online store and had product categories also. Magento customization offers you total adaptability as also power to control your website. Then you need the function of view all products in your business site. You need to inquire your Magento Developers, to configure the view all product functionality. Comma-Separated Value files must have specific characteristics in order to be imported. If you use a Mac, save as CSV (Windows) type. With Magento Import tool, you can upload a file that contains the records for as many customers or products as you want. If you have small range of categories then you surely be benefited by installing this display all products functions on your websites that is based on magento cart. File that you upload must be in Comma-Separated Values format. Those online merchants who have multiple store will have involved categories of products. With this functionality you can set up it for showing all concerned products, at a time. Many spreadsheet as well as information applications can create CSV files. If you have many products in your categories list, you can manage to apparatus all this with the format of Comma-Separated Value.

Deleting Orders in Magento:

Fortunately there are quite a few extensions out there which try to fix this shortcoming. With a default Magento installation it is not possible to delete orders once they have been placed.

1. Install Delete Extension
2. Freshly install Magento with sample data
3. Place 3 test orders
4. Take database backup
5. Invoice and ship order 1
6. Compare the two DB backups
7. Invoice, ship and refund order 2
8. Take another database backup
9. Create multiple invoices and partial ship order 3
10. Delete all 3 test order

Positive stimulus points for an option to fix the listing of consequent orders/invoices/shipments and credit memos to fill the gaps in the numbering or in the case of deleting all orders to start again at 1.

In it, first step will naturally be Export File Name. Select Products to Export, select Quote Character and Area Delimiters. If you want to make changes in respect of products or information about customers then, for better results use a spreadsheet. Once Export is finished you can confirm it and note that whether all data is in it or not. This activity is simple. You can utilize magento import/export tools for it. Become implanted with export magento commodities. Export Wizard or Install Import and select an option of Export. And the end result will be, your data is stored in as well as you can tally it. With the use of magento cart you will be able to build and manage your online stores. It will be easy for you to create,as also succeed your online business with configuration of magento view all products method.

Asperience_Delete All Orders-0.1.2

Test Order 3 could not be deleted since some items were still unequipped. To accomplished the test the remaining items were also shipped. Error message displayed.

Original quote data remains (sales_flat_quote/sales_flat_quote_address/sales_flat_quote_item/sales_flat_quote_item_option/sales_flat_quote_payment/sales_flat_quote_shipping_rate)

Differences in stock (cataloginventory_stock_item/cataloginventory_stock_status) – the decrease in stock was not reversed

The adjacent order located would obtain the order number

AUTO_Increments were not reset.

Differences in collected tax (sales_order_tax)

EM_Delete Order-1.0.5

  • All orders were deleted and not visible in the order grid page any longer.
  • Differences in stock (cataloginventory_stock_item/cataloginventory_stock_status) – the decrease in stock was not reversed
  • Differences in collected tax (sales_order_tax)
  • AUTO_Increments were not reset (see footnote)
  • The adjacent order located would obtain the order number


  • All orders were deleted and not visible in the order grid page any longer.
  • Differences in stock (cataloginventory_stock_item/cataloginventory_stock_status) – the decrease in stock was not reversed
  • Original quote data remains (sales_flat_quote/sales_flat_quote_address/sales_flat_quote_item/sales_flat_quote_item_option/sales_flat_quote_payment/sales_flat_quote_shipping_rate)
  • Differences in collected tax (sales_order_tax)
  • AUTO_Increments were not reset
  • The adjacent order placed would acquire the order number


DB Backup/Regenerate
Make over a backup prior to place test orders and then regenerate it after-wards
– no exclusive cancel
– requires subject to not change surroundings, products, etc which you want to use extended term betwixt the substitute and regenerate
+ can reset order listing and increases
+ fixes inventory data
Act upon DB straightaway
For example posts see here, here and here
– no discriminating cancel
– compulsory mysql is possibly different for all version of Magento
– does not deal with stock list
– most posted scripts obtain less response then extensions
+ can fix order listing and increases
Place test orders only on a test site
-nil to delete
-non computer code the issuance of canceling orders


Magento uses the automatically incremented value assigned by the database as id for pretty much everything. Regrettably when by selection removing any records you can’t easily fill those gaps without making major changes to Magento itself. For example if you have 1,2,3,4 records and 2,3 delete then your database will always show this gap and the adjacent record will have id 5. This won’t matter in most scenarios but worth keeping in mind if you require consecutive ids. To delete all orders and not only selective orders is the only way to address this and then set Mysql’s auto_increment value back to its starting value.

Resetting Order Numbers

The most common scenario for the use of Delete Order extensions is to delete test orders placed before a shop goes in front of people. Idealistically you would then start new with order numbers starting from 1. Not any extensions in this round-up subject matter to an option to do this.

As a word of caution some 3rd party payment gateways force you to use specific mentions. Again at the time you fix the listing you would submit the identical figure twice. Great example is PayPal Standard, if you use the setting

Profile >Payment Receiving Preferences > You may prevent accidental payments by blocking duplicate invoice IDs > Yes, block multiple payments per invoice ID

Live paypal account your first customers after the reset would not be able to checkout and pay.