Grouped Product in Magento

Grouped products are those product that you can sell in a group. You can add existing product in a group and sell them. For that, you have to create Simple product first then add it into Group.

Process to create Grouped Product:

  • Admin->Catalog->Manage Product->Add Product->Select Attribute Set->Select Grouped Product


  • Fill General field

    general 2

    • Name: Enter name to your grouped product
    • SKU: It is the unique identifier for your product
    • Status: Set Enabled to display product at front-end otherwise do not display
    • Visibility: Set product visibility for your product
  • Set image to your grouped product

    image 3

  • Description of your product

    description 4

  • Inventory Setting

    inventory 5

    • Manage Stock: Select yes to manage stock
    • Qty: Enter quantity of your product
    • Qty for item’s status to become Out of stock: Set value to show the your stock become out of stock
    • Minimum quantity allowed in shopping cart: Set minimum value limit that you allow at your shopping cart
    • Backorder: If you set Allow Backorder, it allow to place order when product is out of stock
    • Notify for quantity below: When ordered quantity not available in stock, it accept order and send notification to customer
    • Enable quantity increment: If it is set to Yes it will sell your product in increments of entered value
    • Stock Availability: Set In Stock to show availability of product at front-end, otherwise it will not display
  • Select Website

    website 6

  • Select Category to assign product

    categories 7

  • Add Associative Product
  • associative product 8

    Select Associative product, existing product list will appear then select check box of item that you want to include in a group.

  • Save Product
  • Grouped Product at front-end

    listing page 9

Product Page of Grouped Product

product page 10

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