What is significance of each column in Admin related to indexing interface?Index Status
A Magento index has following three statuses.

  • pending
  • working
  • require_reindex

You can check constants for these process statuses here
(Class Name:Mage_Index_Model_Process)
const STATUS_RUNNING = ‘working’;
const STATUS_PENDING = ‘pending’;
const STATUS_REQUIRE_REINDEX = ‘require_reindex’;
Index Process
This is basically a wrapper for the indexer itself and can be found in the table index_process. It has the following information:

  • Indexer code
  • Current indexer status
  • Start and end times
  • Mode

What are indexing present in Magento?
Following are the indexing types

  • Product Attribute’s
  • Product Price
  • Catalog URL Rewrites
  • Product Flat Data
  • Category Flat Data
  • Category Products
  • Catalog Search Index
  • Stock Status
  • Tag Aggregation Data