How and why to set Front-End catalog flat indexing to true?

  • How to set Frontend catalog flat indexing to trueGo to Magento Admin Panel
    System →Configuration→Catalog → Frontend →Use Flat Catalog Category
    Use Flat Catalog Product

  • Why Enable Flat Catalog?In Magento, all product and category connected data is stored in the database. The database consists of collection of tables. There are number of tables. When Magento found number of tables for different data that’s scattered, it can becomes slow. Hence, Enable Flat Catalog Category and Product which reducing the response time.

How to create Custom Indexes?
In this section, we will explain how to create custom indexes in Magento. There are following steps which is used to create indexes.

  • How to register indexer with Magento system?We need to add a row to table index_process.
    Before Added screenshot:
    From above screenshot, custom_indexer: This is a indexer code
    Model: the model to process the index

Which tables are used in Magento Indexing?
What is Magento index_event table

  • Structure of index_event table

What is Magento index_process table

  • Structure of index_process table