Magento Customization – Magento View All Products

We can customize your Magento store to setup view all Product feature in it, this feature enables you to view all the products from various categories into one single page. It makes easy to highlight the products into search engine if we show it with all products.This feature is not present by default in Magento, but we can configure this additional page with your Magento which will allow you to list all the available products in one page.

Magento View all Products Feature is user friendly as well as it is search engine friendly which links all the products pages within a single page. All the available products pages are linked up with their respective products on this page and its easy for search engine to find and promote the products and their details.
Our Magento View all products Feature helps to show all the products in organized manner into one single page which is different from all other pages.we can either link the page from Categories listing or products listing page, or on any required page.

View all Products in Magento Multi store, works upon stores and its pages. For ex: if you click on view all button from any page on Store1, then it will show all products from that particular Store only.