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1. Magento 2 migration service from OSC

We have been in the eCommerce market since 2000. Since then, we have been passionate about developing fast, secure and scalable eCommerce solutions. We have made it our mission to develop them in a way that ensures technological excellence, but also ensures that online shopping is simple and enjoyable for the end user.
Magento 2 has been live since December 2015 and many traders are still debating whether or not to take a move. Many also hesitate and, even though we have already been very careful to suggest the change (mainly because of the early problems Magento 2 versions had), now is the time to schedule it! We are now working almost exclusively on new Magento 2 websites.
As support for Magento 1 ended in June 2020, options are scarce if you intend to continue to use a range of custom features and the most robust eCommerce platform on all trading platforms out there. We will help you prepare and deliver migration, and we’ve already done so for a variety of clients.
You can check out the following case studies to see how we used our Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration services to boost the results of the Magento 2 migration process.

2. Here are some of the pros of Magento 2

Magento 2 is a technology platform that scales and develops as you want to! Its new and modular architecture guarantees faster page loading time, faster add-to-cart server response time and faster end-to – end checkout time.
Thanks to advanced cache handling (especially after 2.2), Magento provides users with more user-friendly experience in terms of speed – and faster site speed attracts more purchases and improves SEO websites. This also means that it can better accommodate more catalogue pages (10 million catalogue page views per hour vs 500 000 on Magento 1.x!) and makes it a perfect choice for big stores and those interested in expanding into one!
User-friendly check-out would make it easy for the clients to fulfil their orders. This latest checkout also requires fewer steps and helps you to build a new account with a single click – which is likely to attract returning customers.
Best support for APIs – similar to Magento 1, better support for APIs makes integrating with outside enterprise frameworks simpler. Because of this, we are reaching the moment when traders will be able to set up a real headless architecture on Magento 2 (see point 6).
Magento 2 comes out of the box with PHP 7, Varnish, Redis, Modern Javascript Stack, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, PHPUnit, Composer and more. This ensures that you use state-of-the-art technologies to make your consumers experience as seamless as possible.
PWA (Progressive Mobile Apps)! If you don’t know anything about this latest approach to frontend templates, please check out some of our recent articles on this topic. PWAs are the future of eCommerce, and Magento 2, particularly because its 2.3.1 version and PWA Studio roll-out, enables traders to use the latest technology to create exciting experiences for their customers. And we’ve got a demo ready to demonstrate what can be achieved with it.

3. Reasons why you should carefully plan your migration to Magento 2.

It is very possible that you have a lot of custom code (or at least a range of 3rd party extensions) on your Magento 1 installation. When preparing to move to Magento 2, you won’t be able to simply reuse what you have at the moment. In the meantime, several plugins have become obsolete and some authors have not made Magento 2 compatible versions. In the meantime, some of these extension writers have also gone out of business. But in certain instances, you will no longer need any customizations because Magento 2 already has certain items covered out of the box. Alternatively, we will plan any additional workflows together and help you either pick a viable and tested M2 extension or custom code for a particular solution.
You should accept migration as a brand new endeavour and leave behind some of the old practises. This is also a perfect opportunity to boost your overall UX, and you should be treating it as such. This is where our team of designers can support you! With some of our recent work for the Denmark based multi brand fashion retailer, you can see how we handle the (re)design process for our eCommerce customers and what outcomes they can expect! So, keep your mind open to improving across the board, not just “upgrading” or “migrating”
With this said, we agree that Magento 2 is still the best choice for many eCommerce companies.
Get in touch with us and schedule your migration to the M2 together!

4. Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration costs

How much would it cost to move to Magento 2? This is one of the most popular questions the merchants pose, and you can hear and see estimates ranging from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand. And the answer, as usual, it depends.
It depends on your business, its complexities, features and workflows that you would like to add, integrations with external systems, etc.
However, a more critical issue is this: what will migration bring to you as a company owner or eCommerce manager? With our process, we ensure that the focus is not on the cost but on the ROI.
To give you a better estimate of the cost of Magento 2 upgrade service, we would like to understand your business and, most importantly, your business objectives.
And with us having more than 19 years of eCommerce development experience, you will be in good hands.
It is important to note one thing, no matter how we look at it. You should definitely prepare your budget for this project, since it is basically a new website. However, with our help, we will make sure that your budget allocation is done in a way that optimises the return on your investment.
If there is a particular feature request, we will make sure that it adds value to your customers and your bottom line.
Although we can not guarantee a low-cost solution (you can and will get those kinds of assurances all over the place), we can guarantee that we will direct you through this process and add value to every step of the way.
Let us use our knowledge and experience of Magento 2 migration projects and help you grow your company further.

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