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Key differences between Shopify and Shopify plus

2. Specific Advantages of the Shopify Platform

Whether you’re using Shopify or Shopify Plus, here are some key advantages to using the Shopify platform:
  • Fast Setup: Getting up and running is absolutely easy. The builder of Shopify is simple and intuitive and requires no knowledge of coding.
  • Access to data and analytics: You require access to data to make decisions that propel your organization to higher heights. Shopify guarantees ready access to relevant data and analytics.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Just starting your online store is not enough. Selling on two marketplaces can almost double your revenue, with multi-channel capabilities on Shopify.
  • Multi-Channel for Sales: Shopify allows online marketplaces and social media sales.

3. Difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus

Shopify plus price tier gives you all the features you would be getting from the Shopify plan plus some additional features. Here are a few new features you get with your Shopify Plus plan:

Customer Success Manager/Dedicated Launch Engineer

Shopify provides its user’s support via phone, email, and live chat. If things get complicated, you can recruit Experts at Shopify.
Shopify assigns a dedicated launch engineer after you sign up for the plus plan to help define timelines, roles, and responsibilities across your team, third-party agencies, and Shopify Plus Partners. The launch engineer also assists in gathering technical specifications and outlining potential solutions for your particular business struggles.

Unlimited Staff Accounts

Shopify Plus also offers unrestricted staffing accounts to allow you to expand your workforce without the possibility of extra costs, unlike regular Shopify plans. Additional permission settings are also available in this tier for more control over the actions your staff can take in your Shopify administrator, including separate report export permissions and permissions to specific apps.

Completely Customisable Checkout with more control

As a shop owner, it’s only normal that you want to give high-spend clients customized service. Shopify Plus helps you to customize the checkout process depending on the values of your shopping cart or some other condition. Shopify Plus also provides flexible checkout features to optimize e-commerce experience. The Script Editor allows you granular access, and delivery forms, configuration categories, and payment options can be customized. This is not the case with Shopify – you’ll need third-party apps to customize the experience of the checkout.

Flexible APIs for Customized Integration

It is the APIs that facilitate integration with third-party apps on any website.
Shopify Plus gives you additional API calls that allow you to integrate with custom apps. Shopify Plus merchants can use only the following API resources:
  • GiftCard: An alternative form of payment is a gift card. Every gift card has its own special code inserted at checkout. Its balance can be refunded through multiple checkouts
  • Multipass: Multipass authentication is for owners of a store with a different website and a shop. It redirects users from the website to the Shopify store and logs them in seamlessly with the same email address they used to register for the original website.
  • User: The User Resource allows you to retrieve in a Shopify shop information about personnel accounts.

Advanced Native Shopify apps access

Shopify Plus users also have access to some exclusive Shopify apps that regular Shopify users do not have access to:
  • Wholesale channel to aid users with high B2B sales volumes.
  • Shopify Flow, a platform for eCommerce automation. It helps automate many customer-facing tasks and office processes within your store and across your apps, working with a simple visual builder. It stores and implements prompt, requirements, and acts you assign to do a variety of things – such as tagging existing clients, submitting requests for reordering, and more. All that on your side, without any coding.
  • Launchpad is useful for planning and automating flash promotions, product releases, or promotion promotions. Once the event is over, all the changes can be roll-back immediately.
  • Script Editor is what enables you to create a customized shopping cart/checkout experiences. Small pieces of code help customize the shipping and payment options for customers to apply discounts or. That helps to minimize abandonment of the ride.
  • Transporter app to import records of customers, products, and orders into your Shopify store. This makes sending customer records over stores fast.

Separate Wholesale Channel

As you grow, there will surely be clients who want to buy from you in bulk. And it’s reasonable to expect a platform at the company level to facilitate wholesale sales. Shopify Plus grants you access to a wholesale channel that allows you to create a separate wholesale store, protected by a password.
With this feature, wholesale buyers can be offered the same products at competitive prices. You may also list goods or services which are wholesale only. And just offering personalized price lists and coupon codes. In brief, merchants from Shopify Plus will submit invoices, monitor orders, use existing product data and integrations, and run all B2C and B2B businesses, all from one location.

Merchant Success Program

Shopify Plus has a Merchant Success Program which lets customers get out of the app the most benefit. They’re ready to assist you with integrations, products, and platforms from third parties, as well as training to help you tap your full potential.
The team is happy to chip in beyond 24/7 support to help you find supported Shopify Plus Partners to help keep you up to date with industry trends and assist with events like flash sales.

4. Shopify or Shopify plus: Which one you should go offer?

Shopify and Shopify Plus have identical services as regards critical functionalities and insights in eCommerce. The fundamental distinction between the two is that Shopify Plus gives you even more flexibility with advanced functionality, improved service options, and expanded access to customizations at the code level.
Although that’s fantastic, with a fixed monthly expense of $2,000, it’s expensive too. You will want to stick to the original Shopify app because you really need the flexibility that comes with Shopify Plus and you believe those additional additions will pay for themselves.

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