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How to Turn One-Time Seasonal Shoppers into Lifelong Customers for Your Shopify Wholesale Store

1. Quick read

The one-time seasonal shopper is wonderful as they buy many products without knowing about the brand. Unfortunately, it clearly means that if you don’t keep them engaged or interested in your business then they forget about your store. Afterall the holiday shoppers come with the specific intent that they have to buy many products for special dates or events at the best price.
So, whenever these one-time shoppers come on your site for shopping then try to maintain customer retention to make them come back to your store for many times. Because maximum visitors just view the products or add the items in the cart and leave the site before making any order. Keep reading this blog. You will get to know how to plan your customer retention and what are the methods to keep one-time shoppers engaged with your website.

2. Develop a Customer Relationship Through Email

Emails are the best alternative to develop a good relationship with your customer. Sending emails is the oldest method of the marketing channels but still, it is the star performer and effective method. Almost all marketing professionals mark up Emails as the best tool for customer retention planning.

Welcome Email

Always keep your new customers engaged with the welcome emails at the beginning, as you don’t need to send the promoting emails of your products to them. Take the welcome email as a golden opportunity as you can send a personalized welcome mail to your customers. For example, You can create unique mail on their particular purchase of products. Additionally, you can add some useful tips or tricks related to those products.

Content Email

You can send some relevant and special content to keep your new customers engaged with your brand. Utilize the link of articles and use those links in the email, the content should be helpful or entertaining for your users. Add content such as blog posts, images, videos, infographics, and many more. You can also generate your own content depending on your client’s requirements and interest if you don’t have your own content to share.

Abandoned Cart Email

Almost all e-commerce businesses get some loss due to the Abandoned cart, you have to avoid this loss. If you notice that any visitor starts shopping on your website but left your site before going to the cart then send an Abandoned cart email to them. After sending abandoned mail send one add on email to your visitors that includes some special discount or coupon code as they make come back at your store.

Up-Sell Email

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of sending upsell mail to your present customers. The success key of upselling is personalization mail. You can make the use of demographic information and your client’s first-time purchase to suggest the most relevant products for their second purchase.

3. Your Customer Service

You have to keep your customers happy afterall happy clients are loyal ones. So here are some ways to keep your customers happy as follows:

Send Personalized Thank You Notes

Focus on exceeding your client’s expectations; for that send unique and beautiful thank you notes with the first order. You don’t always need to create handwritten thank-you notes, so just take a print out of notes and add your handwritten signature which will give a special touch. These notes will be a memorable point to your all one-time shoppers.

Enable live chats and highlights FAQ’s

Identify the questions that are asked most frequently and address them on your FAQ page and in your store policies. Response to your customers quickly on the live chats or on their request. Always keep in mind that your informative content should be up to date on your website.

Be Proactive

You have to become more proactive in offering the best customer support rather than being reactive. Always ask the feedback to your customers, are they facing any problems assembling the items, what is their experience after using your products or service, does it require any improvements in your service, etc. Within the few days after the first order has delivered to your users, always send the follow-up email to them as asking about the feedback on your items.

4. Offers Special Discounts

You know every kind of consumer-like discounts and special offers. So, warm up your one-time shoppers through offering special discounts and coupon code on their next purchase. You can also add the discount offers information to their welcome mail and thank you notes.

5. Arrange a Customer Loyalty Program

You can create a customer loyalty program for your existing clients. Encourages the one -time shoppers to open their own account on your site and provide strong security to their information such as payment info, shipping address, order history, etc. This will absolutely save their time at the checkout page for the next time of their shopping.
If you have created a loyalty program then don’t forget to promote the program on your website. When customers open up their own account then always send them automated mail of welcome and you can add some benefits to their profile. Always identify your loyal clients and reward them with the best offers.

6. Retarget Your Clients on Social Media

Create a social media profile for your business and ask your clients to follow you. This is the best way to engage your customers and to keep them motivated to come back on your site. You have to keep your page active by posting some beautiful images, generate stories and upload eye-catching pictures related to the sales, discounts, offers, etc. You can also use social media for your new announcements and share the information about your new sales that will be going to start in a particular week.

7. Summary

Engaging the one-time shoppers requires a lot of effort as they disappear quickly. But you can use some tricks and methods to convert the one-time customers into lifelong clients, especially for your Shopify wholesale store. So, make sure to create the customer retention plan using the techniques mentioned in this blog. You can contact us if you get any queries related to client retention.

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