How To Sell Wholesale On Shopify

Aug 28, 2020 | 06 min read

1. Quick read

Shopify is a popular platform. It provides many features to fulfill e-commerce site needs. You can create orders and send invoices for your wholesale customers within your Shopify admin. The Shopify store combines an e-commerce business approach with the business model. How to use the Shopify store in the best way? The answer is to create another Shopify store and make the use of a wholesale app or discount codes.
You will find many useful points in the blog as:-
  • What is wholesaling
  • How to sell wholesale on Shopify
  • Why selling wholesale is important and its benefits.
  • How to collect payment from wholesale customers

2. What is Wholesaling?

“Wholesale” means “More Offer.” Distributing large numbers of products to other retailers so that they sell directly to end customers. Using Shopify, you can offer wholesale prices, offer discounts in percentage or specific price, also offer discounts to individual or collection of products
Being a wholesaler doesn’t only mean selling items to another seller in bulk; you can also market your products to the end consumer. Therefore you do not need to choose between them.
Wholesale customers want to save time and energy when making online purchases and have the ability to check their order status.

3. How to Sell Wholesale on Shopify?

Before selling wholesale, decide on what you want to do
  • Open a wholesale business
  • Provide wholesale as an option to the customers through your store
Shopify is the answer to both of your questions. It provides an opportunity to sell your products in wholesale to other retailers using the following ways: using discount codes, installing a particular app, or creating a separate store. You are free to choose which one is a better fit for your business.

Discount Codes

Discount codes are a very easy way to offer wholesale discounts. Just set up the discount codes that you want to give only to wholesale customers. In this way, you can find out whether Shopify wholesale is working for you or not.
You can generate a variety of discounts in the Discount codes and distribute it to your target customers without having any complexity in the system.
Discount code is also useful if you are creating orders on behalf of wholesale customers. You can create a draft order and send an invoice to the wholesale customer. In this case, customers always enforce maximum order and it controls all the order-related aspects, including the delivery cost.
  • Following are the advantages of discount codes:
1. You can easily set up a discount code.
2. Easy to restrict discounts to specific groups of products.

Create a Wholesale Application

Another way to sell wholesale is apps, you can see a list of Shopify wholesale apps in your App Store. You can install an app that will help you to increase your wholesale customers.
Shopify provides a large number of third-party apps. Apps provide an option where you can offer a discount on your customer orders and create flexible pricing for customers. There are many options for pricing and invoicing in the Shopify wholesale channel.
The most significant advantage of installing a wholesale app is that you can monitor all your inventory and orders within a single store, and your authorized customers will test different pricing levels.


Invoices are one of the critical points to maintain a healthy relationship between retailers and customers. You can manage the payment status accordingly. If your wholesale customers process payments directly through Shopify, then you can mark as a paid, and if the customer chooses to pay cash on delivery for this case mark as a pending payment.
You can provide a facility of Reorder, where customers can reorder the previous order in a few clicks, making it an even faster checkout for them. They can add or remove items from their cart, too, before checking out.
Here is the image of Draft order as below:

Second Storefront

If you wish to maintain the look of your store and also want to customize it then, the best way is to open one more store on Shopify. If you create the other Shopify storefront for your wholesale sales, it saves your time.
Opening a different store on Shopify does not need to make many configurations, and it offers a special experience for wholesale customers. Around the same time, holding and running Shopify wholesale and retail stores is important. When you want to block entry to your wholesale shop, you will have the option of setting password protection.
Following image shows the steps of setting the password to your storefront:

4. Why do Sell Wholesale?

Shopify wholesale is the easiest way for expanding your business and wholesale customers are the best options which include repeat sales.
If you built a strong partnership with a retailer and they noticed that your products get sell well to their customers then of course they will come back for more. You do not need to give adds for retargeting them. Hence, it is not necessary to lower down the already discount rates.
Your wholesale order store will be open 24/7 so customers can place their orders at weekends also when all offices are closed. This service helps you in the other time zones of the world.

5. How to Search your Wholesale Customers?


Making new connections with the new customer’s Tradeshows is the best place. It can arrange for products such as furniture, interior decoration things, beauty products, etc. You need to travel to the locations to attend the Tradeshows where it is going to implement.

Make use of the website

If you keep a link in your website footer then the maximum retail customer will directly contact for the wholesale inquiries. If you display advertisements online, you will receive messages from customers who want to buy your product for their shops. You can also sell your products personally on your social media, phone, or email.

6. Benefits of Selling Wholesale

  • Wholesale customers give you a large number of repeat orders.
  • Only dealing with fewer customers you can save your time and effort in customer service Hence, your shipping costs will decrease.
  • You have to boost the manufacturing production of your products as you will get an order in wholesale.
  • The responsibility of paying the collecting sales taxes is of your wholesale customers. You do not need to worry about paying for collecting sales taxes.
  • If you have an interest in marketing, you can plan strategies for wholesale buyers because they want to know how to sell your products in their shops.


Wholesale is a perfect way to expand your business and to achieve higher sales levels. It also improved the bond between seller and buyer that automatically rises the order values. There are many options to sell wholesale on Shopify. Which one to pick and execute depends on your business’s goals and capabilities.

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