How to Pick the Perfect Theme for Your Shopify Wholesale Store

Sep 25, 2020 | 07 min read

How to Pick the Perfect Theme for Your Shopify Wholesale Store

1. Overview

You all know in the online world the users will judge your website through its cover. Visitors will observe how good your site looks and then only they will buy from your store. Shopify provides beautiful, flexible, high quality, and mobile responsive themes.
Hence, selecting the perfect theme for your wholesale store is the most important factor. After all, themes will decide how your business will expand fastly. In this blog, we will take a look at the points you should consider before selecting themes and how you will select the perfect theme.

2. Things to Consider Before Selecting a Theme

If it’s your first time opening an online store then it tends to be hard to figure out what’s best for your website. It is highly recommended to use the default Shopify theme when you first open up the store in Shopify. It is not wrong to use the Shopify default themes as all default themes are well designed.
Now before moving on to the other themes here is the list of questions that you have to ask to yourself :
  • Are you looking for a free or paid theme?
  • How many products and products category will you display on your wholesale store?
  • What features do you want in your store?
  • What kind of experience do you want to create for your visitors?
  • What things are your competitor’s doing and how can you avoid doing similar things?
Don’t select the themes based on the colors and fonts as you can perform customization of the theme. This exercise of questioning will help you out for selecting the theme. The next step is to move forward to the Shopify theme store and start browsing the different themes.

3. How to Select the Shopify Wholesale Store Theme

The Shopify Theme Store provides more than 100+ diverse topic styles that you can use on your Shopify store. The 3rd party engineers also make lovely designs of various themes. So, you have the choice to discover something that is ideal for your brand.
The following are the factors on which you will select the perfect theme for your Shopify wholesale store.

Search Tools

You can use the Filter to find out the correct theme for your wholesale store according to the latest update of the Shopify store theme. You can use Filters for browsing the theme that has different layouts, specific features, etc. You also filter the themes on the points – social feature, product types, the home page, collection page feature, layout style, and many more.
You can also search the theme’s base on the Collection Page. You will get daily updates regarding the trending wholesaler store themes, latest features, styles, and layouts. Also, check the Reviews of each theme that will help you. When you select any theme then also check the customization possibilities of that particular theme.

Think about your Content and Logo

Before selecting a specific theme for your wholesale store imagine your logo on the top of the theme. Can you believe your header/brand on top of your selected theme? Will it look excellent when it is spread out in the theme, or is it excessively beautiful, the wrong form, or no longer match to the layout of the theme? You have to observe all these points.
The second point is your content: you already plan the images and the content which you will add on the site. Do you have content that will fill the available spots and look good there in the theme? If your chosen theme has huge images with the text and you don’t have anything like that, then select the simple theme. If the theme has a home page that consists of the feature such as blog posts and you don’t want a blog format on the home page then skip that theme.

Check the Theme Support

Theme support is another major important factor when it comes to selecting the perfect theme. Shopify supports all free themes on the Shopify theme store where customers can directly contact the Shopify team.
If you select the 3 rd party theme then you have to check out with 3 rd party developers’ team if you get any issue while using the theme. You can check the reviews and read the descriptions to check whether the theme developers will be available to help you if any problems arrive.

Consider Your Products and Be Willing to Test Theme

If you select the theme which has a huge expanding menu for 50 products and you have only one category of the product then this is not the correct theme for you. If you have 50 classes with subcategories, ensure the selected theme will consider that without displaying it unattractively.
You can test the theme before selecting it. Install the various free and paid themes and take a live preview of your store with the theme. The best thing about the Shopify themes is before finalizing the theme for your store you can see the live preview. Before selecting the final theme compare the all themes with each other and observe how it works for your brand.

Customization of the theme

You can perform the customization on your theme and also adjust the content and products. Following are the changes you can make in your theme:
  • Replace or change the existing logo with your logo, in a similar size
  • Change the Names and amount of categories & subcategories
  • You can replace the background color of your store with a color you want.
  • Change the fonts and large feature photos
  • You can change the position of Social media account links
  • Replace the Links that are shown in the header and footer
  • Give the colors that you want for your site text and navigation menus
  • Hide the content from the various areas of your site.
  • Add up the field of e-newsletter subscribe form or link
  • You can change the blog entries, home page text, and information page text.
You become an expert after making the changes in your theme rather than the default settings and keep in mind you don’t have to mess up your theme. After making changes you will get the best version of your site if you use the product description uniquely and smartly to display the images of your products.

4. Why is choosing the perfect theme important?

The theme layout of your store talks about your products and brand that’s why choosing the right theme for your website is a major point. Remember your theme is a pictorial view of you and your business. The more your theme looks beautiful and attractive, the more your business will expand.
Currently, most websites use the “F shape” format for the design. This specific pattern of the website consists of the powerful and smart header and sidebar on the left area of the website which is most attractive. If your site looks too messy then it will have a negative impact on your brand as well as on business. The best theme and good website designs also contribute as a trust indicator.

5. Conclusion

Every business is different as well as unique and the truth is not all the themes suit all types of brand and business. You have to select a theme for your Shopify wholesale store that has many features and will work to convert more leads for your products. After all, the one who can make the decision on selecting the perfect theme for your Shopify store is “you”. Hope this blog will assist you in choosing the perfect theme for your Shopify store.
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