Archana N | October 23 , 2020

How to offer wholesale pricing in your Shopify store


Offering wholesale prices to your Wholesale customers is the best strategy to increase order volume, boost brand credibility, more chances to grab repeat customers, etc. You might be thinking can we achieve this in Shopify? And the answer is ‘Yes’ You can offer wholesale pricing in your Shopify store. How? We will see details in this blog. If you highly promote your business then it will help to increase a sale, business profit, boost the conversion rate, and retain customers for a long time. In default Shopify there are various ways you can apply different prices to your wholesale customers.
Let’s start with the price when you sell to your wholesale customers and retail customers. The price you charge wholesale customers for your products should always be less than the price you charge regular customers.
For Example, In the table below you can see, if you sell a Shirt for $40 to a Retailer customer, you might sell it for $20 for Wholesale customers.
Product Customers Price
Shirt Retailer $40
Shirt Wholesale $20
You can also offer discounts to your wholesale customers at SKU level or product based level, Collection level so that your wholesale customer can get the benefit of this discount. The main objective of offering wholesale prices is to provide the right prices to your wholesale customers so that customers can retainand boost sales.

2.Advantages of offering Wholesale Prices:

  • Apply different prices to your wholesale customers by creating and sharing different discount code to your wholesale customers.
  • Discount by percentage or specific pricing
  • Encourage wholesale customers to buy more
  • Boost sales and customer conversion
  • Customer retention

3. How to offer wholesale pricing in your Shopify store

In Shopify you can set the different prices for your wholesale customers. There are various ways to offer wholesale prices to your wholesale customers in your Shopify store:
  • Customer discounts
  • Minimum Order Quantities
  • Volume discounts
  • Bulk Ordering
  • Bulk discount for wholesale purchase
  • Tiered Prices
  • Customer discounts
You can configure and offer different discount percentages to your Wholesale customers. Discounts can be offered in various ways. At SKU level, Collection level, Customer group level etc. Every customer is special! So should be their pricing structure.Create a price for your wholesale customer and offer them with special price offers.

Discount Code

Create a discount code and distribute to your wholesale customers. Your wholesale customer can use that code on the checkout page and get the price discount.
Discount code is also useful if you are creating orders on behalf of wholesale customers. You can create a draft order and send an invoice to the wholesale customer. In this case, customers always enforce maximum order volume because it controls all the order-related aspects, including the shipping fees.
  • Minimum Order Quantities
You can specify a minimum order quantity for a customer group and you can even define it specific to collections also. For example – Wholesale customers can only be eligible for any discount if they place an order with quantities 15 units or 300$. So if they place an order for these items in lesser numbers then group discount will not be made applicable on the Cart.
  • Volume Discounts
You can offer them a discount on the basis of their purchases.
  • Total Cart value
  • Total no. of units in cart
  • Particular no. of units of a product.
You can even define discount ranges based on the values. For example, you can offer an extra 10% discount on a cart total of 2000 USD, 15% discount on a cart total of 4000 USD and 20% discount on a cart total of 6000 USD.
  • Bulk discount for wholesale purchase
Boost your sales! by offering bulk discounts to your wholesale customers.
Encourage customers to buy more products in one session. It’s a win-win deal. Customers get benefits of bulk buying and your sales increase.
  • Tiered Pricing
Using tiered pricing you can offer quantity discounts to your wholesale customers so that they can buy more quantities and get more discounts. You can offer quantity discounts to your customers in percentage or in fixed amounts. So that wholesale customers extract to purchase more quantities to get more benefits.Appropriate discount benefits will get to the customer when they purchase a bulk quantity of products for which quantity discounts are assigned by admin.
For Example, in the table below you can see, customers can pay less by purchasing large quantities and save the amount on purchases.
Quantity Price
1-4 5%
5-9 10%
10 or more 15%
Some of the above discounts you can’t create in default Shopify you need to do custom code or use apps.
Do you want custom features Or IIf you face any hurdles during Wholesale Pricing setup, then Contact Us!

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