How to Fix Invalidated Cache Performance (Response Time) Degradation in Magento 2

April 26, 2021 | 4 min read

How to Fix Invalidated Cache Performance (Response Time) Degradation in Magento 2


Magento’s Cache management system is an easy way to improve site performance. Cache is used to respond fast to users requests. In this blog, you can get an idea about the Cache management system, how it works, how to fix invalidated cache performance degradation time.

What is Magento 2 Cache?

Cache is used to generate fast responses to the site visitors’ requests. If there is no appropriate cache data available, the Magento application fetches the data from the database, calculates and aggregates the data, and stores it to the cache storage. The cache generation process requires additional system resources causing total response time degradation.
There are two types of cache in Magento:

1. Internal:

  • stores data on the server
  • stores specific data (configuration, product details, category details, etc.)

2. External:

  • CDN or Varnish
  • stores already generated full pages
Such a complicated process requires additional system resources. Thus, it is not a surprise that the cache generation causes Magento 2 performance degradation, increasing total response time.

How to Find Invalidated Cache in Magento 2

You’re well known about Magento 2 cache’s importance, now the question is where to look for a flushed cache in Magento 2. The corresponding information is available in the debug.log file.
Open debug.log file from the below given path:
Now, you can see “cache_invalidate” messages.
Below given tag is specified in each message.
  • cat_p – the entire catalog product cache is flushed;
  • cat_c – the entire catalog category cache is flushed;
  • FPC – the entire full page cache is flushed;
  • CONFIG – the entire configuration cache is flushed.
If any one of them is invalidated then the response of your website slows down dramatically. If there is an entity ID in the tag, it means that the cache for a particular product/category was flushed.

How to Fix Invalidated Cache Performance (Response Time) Degradation in Magento 2

There are several events that may invalidate the cache in Magento 2. Full reindex, Flushing cache from CLI is the reason for response time degradation. We recommend avoiding cache flushing from Magento CLI. You can configure indexers to update by schedule instead of update on save mode.
From backend panel, go to
  • System -> Tools -> Index Management
  • Select all indexers.
  • From the ‘Actions’ dropdown, choose the ‘Update by Schedule’ indexing mode.
  • Click Submit.


Cache is the best Magento solution to respond fast to a user’s request. This guide helps you to ix invalidated cache performance response time. If any query related to this blog then Contact Us.

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