How to Expand Your Shopify Wholesale Store to Multiple Countries

Sep 23, 2020 | 06 min read

How to Expand Your Shopify Wholesale Store to Multiple Countries

1. Overview

Those days are gone when you need a group of developers on an e-commerce site that is globally equipped and sells the products to customers around the world. Today’s e-commerce business does not have the risk of slowing down. You can easily open, manage your online store on the platform of Shopify which is a more multidimensional and flexible platform
There are many Shopify owners who start with small stores then serve their global customers around the world with increasing the gain percentage. In this blog, you get the complete details about how you will expand your store to multiple regions in brief.

2. Things You have to Consider Before Selling Internationally

Before starting selling wholesale internationally there are some points to consider and to understand are as follows:


Imagine if a user comes on your site and they like the products, add them in the cart but at the time of buying they notice their country currency is not available and you will lose your best customers around the world.
A whopping 65% of customers who go to a domain wherein deciding on extraordinary currencies changed into now so no longer an alternative left. And didn’t come back on site.
Retain the clients with a multi-foreign money app and send them a bill in foreign money as well.


Let’s think of international customers who will come to your sites, they get happy after seeing their native currency is available on site. When they start shopping, viewing products but not able to read up the product descriptions because the description is not in their language then this will be a big stop sign from them. And in this way, you lost your most international potential customers.
What is the exceptional answer to this issue? The solution is customers can plug their words in Google Translate. Your website will look professional and trustworthy when you provide the good quality of Google Translate exactly at the right top of your website. This will result in the best conversion ratio on your site.

Shipping and International Guidelines

High shipping rates are the biggest barrier to selling internationally. Nearly 70% of online customers admit this is the only reason they don’t purchase from other countries. If you’re promoting bodily goods, you’ll want a superb worldwide transport plan. Generally, such as ShipStation are able to compare international shipping rates across carriers.
Explore transport fees to distinct international locations so that you need to increase primarily based totally on the scale and weight of products. Heavier merchandise will usually be extra costly.
Countries around the arena have unique policies in location concerning the importation, exportation, and distribution of goods. Selling across the world comes with its own set of problems like paperwork. Countries may also have their very own policies set for confined items.
Consumer conduct additionally varies through the United States of America or region. Keep localization in the front of thoughts while staying updated with every area in phrases of what’s trending to maintain customers coming back. For example, what’s trending in the U.S. will not be similar to what products trending in Canada.

3. How do you Set up your store for Multiple Regions

Having one store in Shopify means you have the baseline for your expansion around the world. Now, you’ll want to take the subsequent steps.

Create another store on Shopify

Register your store name with that region name on Shopify; this will help you to keep all things in a systematic manner. The best example is if your store name is “Your store name. my”
Then change this name according to the multiple regions such as “your store name- for the USA” and “your store name- for Canada” In this way create the names of your any other store.

Additional Domain

The following are the essential alternatives:
Then change this name according to the multiple regions such as “your store name- for the USA” and “your store name- for Canada” In this way create the names of your any other store.
  • Operate new domain
  • Operate a specific extra sub-domain
Your main site will be when you utilize the extra sub-domain and as your Canada store, yourshop.aus as your Australia store, etc.
Utilizing a subdomain approach will become with as your ‘most important’ website, and after opening a local store your most important website can be for Canada, for Australia, and many more.

Duplicate your Store

Here are a few steps to open up the duplicate stores:

Theme and Products Duplicate

Export the theme and products from your existing store that you want to duplicate. Then apply duplicate theme and product to another store.

Localize your Pricing and General settings

You have to update the pricing of all products from your first store to another store. If you have lots of products then you can add in the second store through your admin or using the CSV file.Set up the General Settings of your regional store such as timezone, currency, address, phone number, etc.

Shift all your page content

Shift all page content from the first store to your regional store using the copy-paste of content in HTML mode that will be easy for you and exact content will be copy and paste.

Localize all links and page content

Localize all internal links are rightly pointing to your new store and change the contact details on your contact page that should be in the local language.
Re-install all the apps and configure them in the second store. Track the traffic of your new store through Google Analytics and connect to your payment gateways.

Utilize IP redirect to direct traffic

You can utilize an IP redirect app to detect your visitors’ location and redirect them to the correct store. For example, if Canadian patron traffic your Australia shop, show them a message saying “Looks like you’re in Canada. Want to go to our Canada shop so that you can see pricing in CAD and get hold of inexpensive shipping? ” You can check in the following image :

Google’s Search Console – Upgrade

Utilize the Google Search Console for making the target to any country for selling your products. How can you fix the whole set up for a particular country this is an easy process that will be done in just a few mins. Your screen will look like as shown in the image below where you can set any country for targeting the potential customers:

Test and check the other points

Activate your advertising if you’re running paid ads from Facebook or Google Adwords, you can need to create new monitoring codes for the particular stores and their corresponding marketing campaigns.
Activate your IP Redirects to point your traffic to your local store. Create another profile on Google Analytics. Set the email campaign to your customer let them know that you have st up the new store. You can make this email unique and specific for example: If you are mailing the USA customers then mention you are opening the USA store especially from them.
If you are using the company for Shipping and Fulfillment then ask them set up in the local presence handset the new shipping rates on your second store.

4. Conclusion

Like all new experiences, there’s a few trial and blunders concerned in locating the proper method for promoting internationally. A brilliant manner to be obvious together along with your worldwide shops is to create an FAQ web page for your customers. Hope you get the all-important guidance on how to expand your Shopify Wholesale store to multiple countries.
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