Sept 21, 2021 | 8 min read

How To Do Wholesale On Shopify


1. Do you want to sell Wholesale in Shopify?

After reading this blog, you will be able to understand how Shopify is best for your Wholesale store? What all in-built features are available in Shopify? And what other custom features you will need to implement via custom code or use third party apps.
Wholesale refers to selling of products in bulk to other retailers (or Wholesalers) & not directly to the end customers. Being a wholesaler doesn’t only mean selling items to another seller in bulk; you can also market your products to the end consumer.
Wholesale customers want to save time and energy when making online purchases and have the ability to check their order status. In Wholesale business products selling at discounted price, some shipping benefits you can offer, pricing benefits, set minimum order value, credit limit, etc.
Lets see this in details, what all features Shopify provides for your Wholesale business and other you can achieve via third party apps.

2. Why do Sell Wholesale?

Shopify wholesale is the easiest way for expanding your business and wholesale customers are the best options which include repeat sales. If you build a strong partnership with a wholesaler and they notice that your products sell well to their customers then of course they will come back for more. You do not need to give ads for retargeting them. Hence, it is not necessary to lower down the already discounted rates.

3. Is Shopify Right For Wholesale Businesses?

Yes, Shopify is one of the best platforms to start a wholesale business. There are various features available to start your business.  Number of different apps available to achieve custom features
Now, there are plenty of built-in Shopify apps you can use to enhance the Shopify experience for wholesale.
You can sell wholesale on Shopify. Although Shopify does not have an out of the box for selling wholesale, there are alternatives available. Depending on the products you sell and how you sell them. Before selling wholesale, decide on what you want to do
  • Open a wholesale business
  • Provide wholesale as an option to the customers through your store
Shopify is the answer to both of your questions. It provides an opportunity to sell your products wholesale to other retailers using the following ways: using discount codes, installing a particular app, or creating a separate store. You are free to choose which one is a better fit for your business.
There are three most common options are:

3.1 Setting up a separate store

You can set up seperate store by simply adding a sub-domain or using a separate domain, you can create another store aimed at wholesalers. You can set up an independent store by duplicating your existing online store, password-protecting it, and customizing it to the exact shopping experience you want for your wholesale customers to have.

3.2 Using Discount Codes

Discount codes are a very easy way to offer wholesale discounts. Just set up the discount codes that you want to give only to wholesale customers. In this way, you can find out whether Shopify wholesale is working for you or not.
You can generate a variety of discounts in the Discount codes and distribute it to your target customers without having any complexity in the system.

4. Wholesale features not in Shopify

Some of the custom features you might be required in wholesale business. All features can’t be achieved using default Shopify. So you can use a custom app for that.
  • Tier Price
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Minimum Order Value
  • Shipping Variations
  • Payment
  • Credit Limit
You can achieve these features by doing custom coding or using third party apps.

4.1 Tier Price

Using tiered pricing you can offer quantity discounts to your wholesale customers so that they can buy more quantities and get more discounts. Discounts can be offered in percentage or in fixed amounts. So that wholesale customers extract to purchase more quantities to get more benefits. Appropriate discount benefits will get to the customer when they purchase a bulk quantity of products for which quantity discounts are assigned by admin.
For Example, in the table below you can see, customers can pay less by purchasing large quantities and save the amount on purchases.
Quantity Price
1-4 5%
5-9 10%
10 or more 15%
Some of the above discounts you can’t create in default Shopify you need to do custom code or use apps.
For example,
Product: A
Price: $100
You can offer tier price in below given
Product Name Price Qty Customer Group Tier Price
A 100 10-20 Silver 80
A 100 10-20 Gold 70
A 100 5-10 Platinum 60
You can use our Tier Pricing app for this.

4.2 Customer Loyalty

Increase customers loyalty by providing a great customer experience. This is the best way to increase the number of returning customers.
You can use our Tier Pricing app for this.

4.3 Minimum Order Value

Minimum order value forces your customers to purchase a minimum amount of products.
You can specify a minimum order quantity for a customer group and you can even define it specific to collections also. For example – Wholesale customers can only be eligible for any discount if they place an order with quantities 15 units or 300$. So if they place an order for these items in lesser numbers then group discount will not be made applicable on the Cart.
You can use our Tier Pricing app for this.

4.4 Shipping Variations

Shipping cost is the most critical issue in wholesale business. If you set too much cost for shipping then it might lead to cart abandonment, and if it sets low cost then it can hurt your business.
In Wholesale business sometimes you need to offer free shipping for your wholesale customers. It is the way to attract more wholesale customers. This option is useful when you have a high product price.
Shipping by weight: this shipping option allows you to calculate shipping cost against the weight of the product.
Shipping by state or country: if you’re shipping internationally then this option will be helpful.
You can use our Tier Pricing app for this.

4.5 Payment

For most public-facing stores, payment terms are simple: payment is due at checkout, either by PayPal or by credit card.
Although this may be perfectly acceptable for your wholesale offering, certain retailers may request payment terms for Net 15 or Net 30. This means that, instead of paying at checkout, they pay 15 or 30 days later—often by direct deposit, wire transfer, or another “offline” form.
If it seems stupid to ship an order before it is paid for, follow those instincts. You don’t need to give any consumer net terms of payment. A successful wholesale solution helps you to set up payment terms on a per-customer basis. You can sell Net 30 to your best, most reputable customers and expect the rest to pay when you check out.

4.6 Credit Limit

Offer Credit limits to your wholesale customers and encourage them to place large orders. It is one of the ways to increase customer loyalty, customer retention.

5. Wrapping Up

Some keypoints are very important to retail your wholesale customers. As explained in this blog some features are not available in Shopify; we can achieve those via custom apps. If you need assistance to achieve these features then Contact Us