How to Create Shopify Remix App?

In this content, We will learn how to create a Shopify remix app.

We will first talk about remix and its benefits before going into how to make a Shopify Remix App.

What is Remix?

Remix makes it easier for developers to build fast and optimized web applications by providing a set of standards, tools, and features.Remix makes a strong emphasis on separating component rendering from data loading. This facilitates data retrieval from the server and speeds up the loading process.

Remix allows initial loads to be created on the server by default to server-side rendering. This can improve SEO and performance. Remix maintains server-side rendering while providing a client-side navigation experience. Its client-side routing features allow it to do this. Remix’s routes are defined according to the file system hierarchy, which makes it simple to use and arrange.

Remix presents the idea of layouts, enabling developers to specify common page layouts. Reusable components can be made with partials. Support for managing styles, such as CSS modules and global styles, is integrated into Remix. Secure user authentication in web applications can be implemented simpler with Remix’s authentication handling features. Remix offers clever data caching techniques that reduce the amount of duplicate data requested.

Remix JS’s benefits when used with Shopify

Remix.js is widely used in the Shopify environment.While developing Shopify apps, developers have a wide range of options when it comes to technologies and frameworks. Generally, they base their decisions on aspects like performance, community support, compatibility, and familiarity. If Remix.js is being explored or used in the context of Shopify app development, developers frequently choose frameworks depending on their specific demands and specifics of the project.

How to Make a Shopify Remix Application

Step 1: Use the following command to create a fresh Shopify app.

npm init @shopify/app@latest

Refer the screenshot after run the command

  1. Enter your project name.
  2. Get started building your app
    1. Select “Start with Remix (recommended) .
  3. For your Remix template, which language do you want?

Select any one option

  1. JavaScript
  2. TypeScript
  1. We recommend installing Shopify CLI globally in your system. Would you like to install it now?

Select any one option

  1. Yes
  2. No, just for this Project

Step 2: Navigate to the app directory that you just generated.

Open the folder in any code editor , We are using the visual studio code

We have option to connect the app with shopify store

Connection Through MySQL

MYSQL : Create the blank database and modify the schema.prisma file for mysql shown in screenshots


Connection Through SQLite

2) SQLite: We don’t need to create a Database for sqlite just need to confirm the datasource db code is present in schema.prisma file shown in screenshot below.


After that we need to run the command  “npm run dev ”


Create this project as a new app on Shopify?

Select any one option

(y) Yes, create it as a new app

(n) No, connect it to an existing app

After that we need to select the shopify store which you want to use.

Then we need to copy the link from vs code terminal shown in the screenshot below


Hit the link generated on the terminal and install the app on the development store where you will be able to see the app dashboard as shown in below screenshot.



Shopify Remix app requires a blend of skill, dedication, and a passion for crafting solutions that resonate with users and drive business growth in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape. By following the steps outlined in this guide, developers can harness the power of Shopify’s platform and the versatility of Remix to craft dynamic and engaging applications.

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