Downloadable product, are those product that can be directly transfer to customer. There is no need to packaging, shipping to product. It is the digitally downloadable product that you can sell one or more files.
For example, Media files, PDF files, word document, videos, etc.
Process to Add Download-able Product:
Step 1. Admin>Catalog>Manage Product>Add Product>Downloadable Product
Add product 1
Step 2. General Setting
general setting 2

  • Name: Name of your product, that will be display at front-end.
  • SKU: SKU (stock keeping unit) is the unique identifier for the product.
  • Status: Set Enabled to display product otherwise it will not display.
  • Tax Class: Select tax class for your product from drop-down, you can select Default, Taxable Goods or None.
  • Visibility: Determines visibility for your product, it want to display with catalog or search.

Step 3. Set Prices
prices 3

  • Price: It is the price of the product, it will display at front-end.
  • Group price: It is the price that offer to specific customer group, it will display at front-end as a Special price.
  • Cost: It is actual cost of the product,it not displayed to the customer,it used to generate income.
  • Tier Price: It used to offer quantity discount.
  • Special price: Special price can offer on some special occasion. By setting from date and to date you can offer special price.
  • Apply MAP: Minimum Advertise price it used to hide price from customer. It doesn’t display price at catalog.
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price : The retail price as suggested by the manufacturer.

Step 4. Add Description
description 4
Step 5. Set Inventory
inventory 5

  • Manage Stock: Select yes to manage stock
  • Qty: Enter quantity of your product
  • Qty for item’s status to become Out of stock: Set value to show the your stock become out of stock
  • Minimum quantity allowed in shopping cart: Set minimum value limit that you allow at your shopping cart
  • Backorder: If you set Allow Backorder, it allow to place order when product is out of stock
  • Notify for quantity below: When ordered quantity not available in stock, it accept order and send notification to customer
  • Enable quantity increment: If it is set to Yes it will sell your product in increments of entered value
  • Stock Availability: Set In Stock to show availability of product at front-end, otherwise it will not display

Step 6. Set Website and Assign product to category
category 6
Step 7. Complete Downloadable information
downloadable link 7
Sample panels you can use, if you want to sell product for your customer are free.
The Link panel contain the information of your Down-loadable product

  • Title : Name of the item like, Songs, Video files, etc.
  • Maximum Downloads: There is no limit to download
  • Upload files
  • You can upload number of files by clicking Add new Row button

After that Save Product
Product Page of Down-loadable product:
Select Click here Link
product page 8
Checkout Page:
No Shipping methods is available for Downloadable product
checkout 9