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Spring is often synonymous with a fresh, new beginning and a relaxed sense of life. For many it takes the form of spring cleaning to get rid of the old and in with the new. While you may be contemplating the home, why not talk about updating and reviving the website of your business? After all, your website is an online presence of your business and is the first customer interaction with your company.Does your website show exactly the setting, personality and culture of your company?Is it up-to-date and actual?

Like your house, you can take on a different taste in design and choose to go beyond cleaning to redesign the look of a room. Spring is a great time for your business website to do likewise.

When spring cleaning the website there are certain things to consider:

3. Test Out the Website’s Usability

Is it easy to navigate the page, and do all internal links work? If not, visitors to the site will be prompt to leave. It’s also a good idea to check if the website is compatible with various devices, such as phones and tablets. Search for syntax, pronunciation, punctuation errors and business terminology through all materials. The tone and style of the content on each webpage should be consistent and should reflect the brand’s image and personality.

A website that looks nice and is easy to use increases the amount of time visitors spend on the website, thus increasing their conversion chances.

4. Give it a Fresh Look

Like your personal home decor tastes, the company will be undertaking a brand redesign to upgrade and new its design to fit its changing style. The magnitude of this transition can also be attributed to the needs of the intended clients of a business and the market where a business is located.

It’s a good idea to collaborate with a skilled website designer while undertaking a logo or website redesign because they know their way around the colors and font types and sizes and their emotional and psychological impact. He or she will know which complimentary colors to incorporate, as well as the appropriate website design and layout for the look and feel of one’s brand and the personality that it wants to experience its website visitors.

Consider adding new (optimized) images along with fresh content, in addition to changing the theme, typography, and color scheme. Adding a calendar of events and current news can revive a bland website’s appearance too.

6. Make Sure Third Party Website Apps and Extensions Work

Are the social media and RSS feeds for your business correctly connected and related to your website? Are on-page monitoring trackers from third parties up and running? Is the spam filter turned on in your blog posts, or should you disallow all comments on old blog posts to prevent abuse? Does this work properly when your business has an app?

If the third-party applications and plugins built on your website are not working properly, you would miss taking advantage of the best online benefit you have, rendering the content shareable and useful data knowledge about your website visitors and their actions and website engagement. Without this data from the analytics, the areas of improvement are difficult to assess.

7. Evaluate and Clarify Your Site’s Call-to-Actions

Are the Calls to Action (CTA) for each page of your website clear and obvious? If it is not noticeable or clear, visitors to the website will not know what action to take which may lead to missed conversions, purchases and subscriptions to e-newsletters. When people come to your site, not only do they want to find the information they are looking for quickly, but they also want to be told what to do with the information you are providing.

8. Renew or Re-evaluate the Domain Name and Web Hosting Plan

Every year, it’s always a good idea to look at your website hosting schedule as many arrangements include regular redesign. Has the hosting company been taking care of any or all of the website’s glitches? Have they provided adequate protection for the Website? Were they responsive and work-friendly? Have the prices been rising or do you feel you are overpaying for the service? Without a hosting provider the website can not run. You need to be confident that the one you choose is skilled, competent, trustworthy, sensitive and easy to work with.

Likewise, a regular review of the scope of your website is also a good idea. Does the company’s name and relevant keywords clearly communicate? Is this convincing, concise and memorable? Will the existing domain name fit the new brand identity and style if you reinvent a business rebrand?

Spring is a great time to get your website cleaned up and bring new life into your company. It includes ensuring that your website functions properly, the access is simple and that the information is correct and relevant. In addition to being easy to use and having fun interacting with, one’s website may need redesign and a new look.

9. Conclusion

Whether you are going through a major re-branding or just want to make a few minor tweaks and improvements, professionals can help. With professional developers, website designers, content and SEO specialists and PPC professionals, we are a full-service digital marketing company. Call us today to find out more about how we will support you organizing your spring website.

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