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How to Choose the Best Shopify Company to set up your online store

2. Who’s the Shopify Experts?

Shopify experts are certified professionals who provide any service that an eCommerce retailer wants and are accredited by Shopify for their expertise. They have their own area of expertise — design, growth, branding, etc.—and use their knowledge to help traders start an online store and help them expand, covering the four pillars of online business and success — start, sell, market, and manage.
For example, if you want a custom design for your Shopify store, you can hire a Shopify web design agency to create it for you. Likewise, if you want someone to support you with marketing, you would be able to reach out to someone who is directly experienced in marketing.
And you can either reach out to an organization that specializes in one field, or you can opt to recruit separate experts to help you do specific things.
Note: Shop experts are third party companies/agencies/individuals who have experience using the eCommerce platform to help traders launch an online shop. It’s not part of Shopify.

3. When should you employ a Shopify Expert?

With Shopify’s elegant interface and simple functionality, most traders can do things themselves when starting an online shop. From the design of their store to the development of apps to improve the experience of their customers, budget constraints lead them to handle similar tasks in-house-until they expand.
The two key reasons why we see traders reach out to Shopify experts are:
  • They don’t have the experience to create a “good” store that their customers are beginning to expect.
  • They don’t have the resources to start a company any more than just launch a website.
But other than that, as the online business rises, the day-to-day activities are growing, and so are the aspirations of online shoppers. Here are a few more reasons why you, the seller, would choose to partner with Shopify experts and agencies:
  • You don’t have time to perform several tasks and want to outsource them to a full-service Shopify provider that can handle all aspects of your store design, marketing, and management.
  • Customized Shopify design and creation is required for your store
  • You need to move their site from a separate platform.
  • To maximize their budget, you want to outsource their ads to a professional.
  • You want a consultant to assist them with their selling plan in order to stop investing too much.
  • You need professionally taken images of products or you’re struggling to make them look enhanced on the product pages.
And the list is just going on!

4. Why should you employ a Shopify Expert?

Saves time and marketing are quicker

Outsourcing your job to a specialist will help you save time. For example, instead of spending a large part of your week setting up marketing plans, you can outsource this job to a professional who can not only save time but provide guaranteed results

Quality work that allows the brand to stand out

You’re guaranteed to get professional work shipped to you with Shopify experts. Experts will help you produce the results you’ve been waiting for with the kind of consistency that only they will be able to offer.

Continued support as the needs of your store change

When you have worked with a Shopify specialist, you should reach out to them to get help for the research they have completed. You don’t have to think about being stuck in your job this way. For example, when you employ a Shopify developer for a custom store, you can reach out to them later to make improvements and changes to the shop.

5. How can you employ a Shopify Expert?

Finding the right Shopify expert is simple for you when you have a process in place. In only 5 steps, we’re going to help you find a Shopify expert for your needs.

Stage 1: Build a brief requirement (optional)

Although if it’s not necessary, understanding what you need to help with before you meet others will save you a lot of time.
When you’ve been looking for similar products and what they’re doing, and have a list of preferences or needs, remember to record them and write down the specifications. This can be the start of a discussion with an organization or an expert you reach out to, and they can help you refine it further.
Here’s a sample example to help you get started. You may copy this structure and make your own brief:
Would require a marketing specialist or a Shopify agency to work on the following functions:
  • Email marketing (1 newsletter every week)
  • Facebook ads
  • Social media management, including content creation
  • Email marketing: Build loyalty among existing subscribers/ shoppers
  • Facebook ads: Recover abandoned cart and build awareness
  • Social media: Establish a brand and build relationships
Ongoing or one time Ongoing

Stage 2: Check the Marketplace Shopify Experts

Now that you have your criteria, you can start looking through the Shopify experts and find the experts that suit your needs. The profile of each Shopify expert shall include the range of services they can offer, their rate, the rating, and the testimonials they have obtained from other Shopify traders.
Pay attention to two aspects when you’re choosing experts to reach out to – ratings and testimonials to ensure validity.
Based on the type, you can even see a list of expert jobs! It’s a perfect way to see if they’ve been able to produce something close to what you’re looking for.

Stage 3: Consider the budget

When you’ve looked through a couple of profiles, you’ll understand the expense of hiring a Shopify expert. You can then finalize the budget or the budget amount that you can assign to it.

Phase 4: Contact the identified experts

Email your shortlisted experts and make a call to understand their experience on the subject and how they can deliver.

6. Consult with Shopify Experts and get the results guaranteed!

When you figure out how to start an online store, or when you’re trying to troubleshoot or scale your production, you often need a helping hand. We hope this guide can help you understand the reasons for hiring a Shopify expert and what you should expect from them.
If it’s Shopify design and growth, marketing needs, or you need a full-service Shopify agency to manage every aspect of your business, you can find a particular Shopify expert/agency to do your job!

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