How to Create MetaFields in Shopify

Bhavesha | 4 April,2023 | 5 min reads

You can create meta fields to store additional information about our products, collection customers, orders, and more. This guide helps you to create product meta fields and display them on your online store.

There are four elements in metafields
  • Namespace: Grouping of metafields to prevent conflicts
  • Key: Metafield name
  • Value: Value assigned to each product which shows in the frontend
  • Description: To make others understand the meaning of the metafields

Create Metafields 

Metafields are not included in the Shopify configuration, you must create your own. Metafields are created through the Shopify admin panel by defining a value, which includes the following information.

  • From the Shopify admin, go to the object you want to add the metafield to (e.g. a product).
  • Click on “Add a new metafield” and enter the details (namespace, key, value, and type).
  • Save the metafield.

ie: {{ product.metafields.custom.manufacturer }}


Shopify Product Metafield

Using product metafields, you can enhance user interfaces based on product types. Metafields are used to store additional information about products. Meta fields such as product specifications, size charts, and more can be defined here.

It will be easier to create high-converting product pages with improved user experience.


Once you have created your metafield, you can access it through the Shopify API or through third-party apps that support metafields. You can also edit or delete your metafields at any time by going back to the “Metafields” section of the Shopify Admin panel.

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