Archana Nagarkar | 05 min read | March 31, 2020

How to Add a Facebook Pixel to Shopify?

What is a Facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel is an analytical tool that helps store-owners to track the visitors who visit the website and their actions like completing a purchase. Facebook pixel trigger and reporting the action in Facebook Ads manager.

The Facebook Pixel:

  • Input Facebook Pixel code into your site.
  • Tracks visitor’s actions.
  • Gives the ability to advertisers to target the visitors depending on the previous actions a visitor has taken.

How to add a Facebook pixel to your Shopify store?

Although it’s a little bit technical then also it’s very easy to understand & add Facebook pixel in your store.
So don’t panic!!! You can add this in easy 3 steps as given below:

2.1 Find your Facebook pixel ID.

Login to your Facebook Ads Manager account.
Navigate to Ads Manager->Measure & Report->Pixels, and you’ll get access to your Facebook Pixel ID!

2.2 Input your Facebook pixel ID into Your Shopify Store.

Log in to your Shopify store admin, then go to Sales Channels > Preferences then scroll down until you see the Facebook pixel section.
Paste facebook pixel id and click on ‘Save’.

2.3 Check and confirm that Facebook pixel is working correctly.

Once you save the pixel id in the Shopify store, after that you can check and confirm as a Facebook pixel is working correctly with your Shopify store.
You can check this activity by clicking on any page from Facebook to your Shopify store.
Congrats!!! You’re done with Facebook pixel integration with Shopify!!

Facebook pixel standard events

After you integrate a Facebook pixel with your online store, the pixel automatically tracks 6 standard events:
Event name Event description
ViewContent When a visitor views a page, for example, a product page
AddToCart When a visitor adds a product to the shopping cart
InitiateCheckout When a visitor clicks on the checkout button
AddPaymentInfo When a visitor enters payment information in the checkout
Purchase When a customer completes a purchase and views the thank you page in the checkout
Search When a visitor makes a search

Why should I add a Facebook Pixel to Shopify?

There are below key reasons you should add the Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store.
The Pixel allows you to:

1. Create custom audiences from your Shopify data

Visitors will be your custom audience who have shown an interest in your products.

2. Optimise your ads for conversions

Having the Pixel installed correctly also allows you to optimise your ads for specific conversions, for example, a purchase, when using the conversion objective.
Facebook will show your ad to your audience who are most likely to take that specific action and you’ll be able to track the number of conversions.

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