How Can You Find Customers for Wholesale in a Competitive Market?

Oct 03, 2020 | 07 min read

How Can You Find Customers for Wholesale in a Competitive Market?

1. QuickRead

When you start with a new business or creating strategies to develop a current one then “Finding clients” is always going to be an important factor. Competition is a reality of the market and business, and it will have an effect on every component of your planning, from costing to your products to their promotions. You may get stressed when there have been a lot of competitors selling similar wholesale items or the same services as you.
But Don’t worry! There are various approaches that are available to find customers for your wholesale store in a competitive market and to stand out in a high competition market place. So, keep reading this blog and you will get to know about the best methods for finding potential wholesale clients.

2.Analysis of Your Competitors

Every business whether it is big or small has many competitors, so you have to understand their strengths and weaknesses that will play an important aspect in the long-term success of your brand. Collect the information on what your competitors are offering, which customers are they targeting, you can also buy the products they are offering to check the quality or additional features, are they selling only wholesale or not, do they only sell in the online market, etc.
You have to find out these answers but don’t necessarily need to follow them. Here are some points on which you can research your competitors:

Check their website

A competitor’s website is the best beginning line for surveying how well they are selling their products online. Start through the searching at what the organization offers and examine it for your personal services and products. Secondary the smart thought to take the look of their wholesale store theme. Analysis of how they make their store theme more attractive and is the website design easy to understand and clean, or is it jumbled?
Observe their site and analysis is it easy to understand what their business offers in the first few seconds? Does it have a completely unique role that differentiates itself in a way that matters to the client? This will assist you to examine how well the agency is branding itself as compared to you.
Were you be able to find the information you are looking for quickly or did you had to search for it? How is the checkout experience? These factors can give you an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor’s online presentation, design of the theme, and provide you with clues about what you can do better plus which factors you can develop on your website.

Social Media

Try observing their social media pages and see how frequently new and existing clients engage with their content material. Make the use of famous channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, and YouTube. Have they absolutely filled out their profiles with the best pictures and convincing content that describes what they offer?
How frequently is your competitor posting? How many followers do they have? Are people responding to their content through liking, sharing, or commenting on it? Are they depending strictly on natural posting or are they shopping for subsidized posts? Observe and take note of the individuals who are responding to and utilize this information in your own planning.
Once you perform analysis on all of those factors, now you will get a clear idea of your competitors and now you can start your business to survive in this competition. Your competitors might be difficult to beat on a few elements of the commercial enterprise. However, chances are they also have left some opportunities open for you. You will get different strategies to update your store when you observe and study your competitors.

3. Observation of the Competitor’s Gaps

It may be possible that your competitors can use some crafty tactics to attract customers from you. These strategies are accessible to you as well and don’t really mean you are not following the rules. Think about what competitors aren’t doing right now which you can do – the gaps in their business which consumers don’t like – and shout about it.
For example, in case you know your competitor’s customers you can take reviews from them about the products or services your competitor is providing. You could offer a free consultation since you realize your rival doesn’t offer this. These systems may likewise appear to be best as you will begin giving something else that your competitors don’t and you’re filling the ‘gaps’ they are leaving.

4. If you have a product, get it in the customer’s hands.

Besides advertising on the various social media platform, if your product is ready then just get it in your users’ hands. When you start any new business, do some marketing to inform people that – Your products are best and available in the market. You can’t just inform people about your items, show them your merchandise in the form of Gift products, also sponsor activities and deliver out free samples with the tag line “Try our product, we’re confident you’ll like it and you will return once more to us.
Once you’re there, you can focus on looking for possibilities to hook new customers and win loyal fans for your brand by relying on the strength of the product.

5. If you have a service, get it in front of your potential clients consistently.

Remember for a number of service industries trust will be a significant factor. The main question is What builds belief? Your product or service Familiarity and Consistency, the strong Network you made for your products.
Sponsor different sports activities and community groups that arrange events on every occasion. You can also donate branded sports kits to sports activities, placed banner of your services out for your network to be visible every day. Great branding is essential to the service industry and also builds an asset for your business. Engage an expert to expand your logo, as many companies nowadays are posting pretty, attractive images and are measuring popularity in preference to penetration and conversion ratio.
Facebook now observes 8 billion normal every day video views from 500 million clients and Google measures 100 billion inquiries per month, so utilize your finance to gain the essential familiarity and consistency for your services.

6. Use competition to inform and inspire.

When you’re taking your first steps proper into a competitive market, you will see your competitors having the properly-polished shops. So, you have to set up brands so nicely to draws the user’s attention but don’t follow with your competitor’s steps. Do best with the budget you have and always be the focus on your goal.
First, always inform people about your upcoming products then build up your image, and convey an extraordinary item. The rest will come. You simply must be certain and practical. If you have the best understanding of the competition in the market and you have put your efforts into refining your item or services to fill a gap in the market then you are absolutely prepared to begin selling in the competitive market.

7. Utilize online advertising

Online advertising also called online marketing, Internet advertising, or web advertising, all are forms of marketing that make use of the internet to deliver promotional advertising messages to consumers.


Every month, there are almost 2.5 billion energetic users on Facebook, 1 billion on Instagram, and 330 million on Twitter global. Facebook’s advanced targeting can be used to target your ads to the maximum applicable target market.
Advertising on Facebook consists of a variety of advert kinds, inclusive of:
  • Photo advertisements
  • Video commercials
  • Story commercials
There are some exceptional approaches you could use Facebook Messenger as part of your advertising and marketing approach.
  • Facebook Messenger name-to-action in commercials: Start conversations with ads on Facebook that include a call-to-movement to ship a message.
  • Facebook Messenger Story Ads: Run tale commercials on Messenger Stories.
  • Facebook Messenger Ads: Use messenger commercials to supply content material immediately into customers’ Facebook Messenger chats.


You also can promote it on Instagram through the Facebook Ads Manager. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users globally. That’s a touch much less than half of the range of customers on Facebook. The majority of customers are between the ages of 18 and 34.
There are three methods that you can put it on the market on Instagram:
  • Promote posts and stories at once out of your Instagram expert account.
  • Create commercials out of your Facebook Page and sell them on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Create ad campaigns within the Facebook Ads Manager to get admission to complete targeting abilities.


Digital advertising and marketing are much less not unusual on Twitter due to the fact organic attain remains a giant motive force of a brand’s performance on Twitter.
Twitter breaks down their advertisements into five goals:
  • Awareness: Promote your tweets and maximize your attain.
  • Tweet engagement: Promote your tweets and get extra retweets, likes, and replies.
  • Follows: Promote your account and grow your Twitter following.
  • Website clicks: Promote your internet site and get greater site visitors.
  • App downloads: Promote your app and get extra downloads.
All of those can work together that will help you grow your target market on the platform and convert visitors into customers.

8. Summary

When you newly open the store within the competitive marketplace understanding that you have to be exclusive because your so many competitors who already build their stores. First, to build trust among your visitors, you can make use of these above techniques that are explained in this blog to stand out unique in the market competition.
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