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How AI is Transforming Marketing Content Creation

Marketing – be it of whatever type – eventually involves the usage of content in some form or another. For example, if we talk about email marketing, the channel used is electronic mail, but the actual advertising is done via written content or visuals.

The same goes for other types of marketing, like SMM and affiliate marketing.


Content creation is, therefore, an important and vital part of marketing. A lot of money is spent on hiring content planners, content creators, editors, etc.

In the sphere of content creation – and especially the multifaceted type of content creation required for marketing – AI has played a very major role. AI-based tools and software, in particular, have made many changes to how content is planned and created.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the ways in which AI has made an impact on marketing content creation. Once you know about that, you’ll be able to constructively utilize AI for yourself when the need arises.

1. AI Tools Have Made Content Planning Way Quicker and Easier.

When we talk about content planning, the discussion becomes restricted to written content since there isn’t a lot of planning involved for the other types.

In the context of written content, the process of planning involves coming up with the title of the content, the outline, the prompts/suggestions for each part of the outline, etc.

There are different approaches that you can take to do this with online tools.

  • The first way is to use separate dedicated tools for each of the tasks mentioned above. You could, for example, use a title generator for the title of the content, an outline generator for the outline, and so on. There are, funny as it may sound, tools for all of these tasks available on the Internet.
  • The other way is to just use tools like Bard and ChatGPT. They aren’t made specifically for any one task, but since they are AI assistants, they can do all that stuff.

This whole “planning” phase, as we’re calling it, can be otherwise very time-consuming and arduous. But using online tools for it can make things a lot easier.

2. AI Has Made Content Generation Possible and More Efficient

While it’s not the most creative or advisable route to take, content generation with online tools is something that has made marketing easier – and even possible – for a lot of brands and companies.

AI content generators have a simple enough working. They are online tools that take a given set of instructions and create content for it. They can be used for long-form content like blogs and articles and even for shorter stuff like emails.


While content generator itself has been around for some time, the advancements in AI have been making it more and more efficient. For example, in newer and modern tools, the process doesn’t take as much time to complete and the content isn’t riddled with weird words/phrases, etc.

In marketing, content generation is a bit of a divisive topic. While some marketers advocate total adoption of content generators, there are others who are in favor of human originality to remain dominant.

The advisable way to use these tools is to do it occasionally and partially, i.e., not using them to create the entire content in toto.

If you want to use content generators for your own marketing content creation, you can do the same thing that we mentioned above, i.e., either use dedicated tools for the job or use tools like ChatGPT and Bard.

3. AI Has Made Content Improvement a Lot Better and Easier

It is one thing to use AI to generate content. And it is a different (and better) thing to write content yourself and then improve it. This is something that AI has made a lot easier and more effective.

You can write out your own content and then use AI-based paraphrasing tool to rephrase the clunky parts. You can tweak your content to make it more readable and engaging.

This approach can be preferred by a lot of content creators over the standard full-content-generation routine. In other words, many content creators can find it better and more effective to write content themselves and then improve it using AI rather than generating it all from scratch.

But, to make this work, it is essential that the paraphrasing tool you use for the job is smart and intelligent. There are many tools in this category that you can find on the Internet, but not all of them are equal in performance.

If you can find a good tool, it can help you improve your content so that you can retain a human touch in it while also getting AI-associated perfection.

Here is an example of some clunky content:

The art of creating content for the purposes of marketing involves steps that are diverse. The steps that are diverse include the creation of topics, the improvement of the content, and the steps to perfect it before the process of publishing.”

If we give this content to a smart paraphrasing tool, here is what the output can look like:


Even though it is still a bit sesquipedalian, the wording and flow in the output are a lot better.

4. AI Has Made Content Proofreading Quicker and Easier

After a piece of marketing content has been written, it needs to be proofread before it can be finalized and utilized. Proofreading involves different steps, such as:

  1. Finding spelling errors
  2. Finding grammar errors
  3. Looking for readability issues

And the like.

Normally, the way to find these issues is to look for them manually. However, the only problem with this is that it takes a lot of time.

This is where AI steps in. It makes the proofreading process quicker and easier – which ultimately amounts to another way in which AI is transforming the whole marketing content creation procedure.

To elaborate a little, there are AI tools that are specifically made to check for grammar and spelling errors in a piece of given content. They are called grammar checkers, and you can use them in place of giving the content manual reads and re-reads.

Similarly, there are tools available on the Internet that are particularly made to check for readability issues in a piece of content. You can likewise use them as a substitute for normal proofreading.

Final Thoughts

AI has changed the way content creation is done for marketing purposes. When used correctly, AI tools can play a highly helpful and constructive role in the process.

If you are looking to get started with using these tools to augment your content creation routine, we suggest trying out the steps that we’ve mentioned above. Once you start with that, you will automatically discover other similar stuff that you can do with AI tools.

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