Satish Mantri | 03 min read | Feb 01, 2020

Why opt for full service ecommerce providers

As an ecommerce manager you have to handle following different services and probably six different vendors:




Digital marketing



The challenge is that how to communicate with each and then make sure they collaborate across so that synergy is in place and your website is running and growing day by day.

Some cases

Site is running slow

When you communicate on this with your development agency they will probably give a reason that there was a problem with hosting.
When you communicate with hosting they will say there is a problem with your code and it needs to be fixed by your development team.
This had been found to have happened many times and the store owner is taken for a rid but if you were to have the same agency take care of both development and hosting you would not have this issue.
Another benefit of this is that development company has access to logs which help them fix issues pretty quickly.
Also development company can come up with solution that can help reduce infrastructure cost as they understand cloud system and also know about code so they can do the performance optimisation.

Digital Marketing feed generation

On times a digital marketing team needs to modify a shopping feed.Now if you had the same agency doing digital marketing and development, this would have been pretty simple.Development team decides whether to write a script or not or to export from Magento commerce and give a modified feed which is all that was needed by digital marketing team.
On times your feeds are disapproved for various reasons like price, shipping cost or images again you need a development agency to come with a solution.We are a doing full service ecommerce to few of our clients and we can see that they have substantially grown as having one agency handle all saves time and money both.

SEO implementation

SEO activities are all about ROI.If a development company is your SEO agency as well then they can easily know the estimates for each task and take a calculated decision. Where as a separate SEO agency will not be able to guess the efforts of certain implementation.
Also a full ecommerce agency team knows the concept of SEO so while they do development they are supposed to take care of SEO standard practices.


A full service ecommerce agency is expected to have in house security experts. There developers are also expected to know on sql injection and other hacking and safeguard there site by following standard coding practices.So this almost comes free of cost or the cost of security activities are to the minimal.
Had your agency not been providing this services they are expected to create security holes and result in site getting hacked.

Hosting and Cloud

As a full service agency we have observed that some clients were over paying to the hosting companies as they were not sure what infra suits there website and ending up using a costlier solution.With change of technology and new cloud solutions coming up an agency without cloud hosting experts will never able to help and reduce infra cost.
Also on times if a site has to be reconstructed for any reason an agency with cloud services experts in its team will be able ot do this in less then 30 minutes.
As an ecommerce service provider I know that this happens and when a client finds that the site was back in 30 minutes they feel that money paid to one full service agency is any time better then having multiple agencies working on a website just to save few dollars.In the end an ecommerce store owner ends up spending more.


If you want ROI and growth of your sales then search and find a company that is reasonable in cost but provides all these services.

I have been working with so many clients and have seen that those who opt for this model have outgrown others and at the end are earning more then other do.

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