Here I will be posting just pointers and for each will give an explanation in our future Blogs and linking these points to those pages.
As a Magento Development Agency you will need following analytical tools :

  • Collect XML layout for the page to be optimized
  • Mysql Log with PHP stack
  • Hints( Blocks and phtml)

Web Tools to check Speed

  • GT Matrix
  • Google Speed Test
  • Lighthouse( chrome extension )

Environment Points

  • Varnish
  • Redis
  • HTTP2
  • CDN
  • Nginx
  • Fine Tuned Apache
  • PHP Version
  • fewer logs
  • Mysql Version
  • GZIP compression
  • Load balancing
  • Multiple server environment
  • Multiple database ( For Enterprise )
  • Expire header
  • Blocking Bad Bots
  • Dedicated server
  • Run lesser crons and indexing
  • Separate Server for admin
  • Scalable server architecture

Design Thought and Implementation

  • Design with FPC in mind
  • Image usage and image types
  • Think Responsive
  • Control size of JS and CSS
  • Online VS include JS
  • Third party JS, CSS and fonts
  • unused css
  • Image sprite
  • Minify Merge js
  • Avoid Bundle or Merge if http2
  • Light weight JS library to be used
  • Page size

Code and DB pointers

  • Modify cron and index whats needed
  • DB cleaning on regular basis
  • 3rd party modules
  • Code handling collections and loops to be audited.
  • Use of Lazy Loading
  • Effective use of magento cache
  • Cache hit rate to be high
  • Control cache size by using proper keys and other coding standards
  • Mysql log analysis
  • Remove not used modules or modify layout handles
  • Use light weight Modules


  • TTFB
  • Number of request
  • Merge JS
  • Minify JS
  • GZcompression
  • Image sprite
  • HTTP2
  • Bundle JS
  • Load Balancing