Bundle Product offers you various product by binding together. Customer have a assortment of options to select product of their choice.
For Example,
Computer in which there is Logitech mouse, LG monitor & Lenovo keyboard.Process to create Bundle Product:

    • Admin -> Catalog -> Manage Product -> Add Product
    • Select Attribute set and Product typenew product
    • General Setting:general

Complete following mandatory fields-

      • Name: Name of your Bundle Product.
      • SKU: It is the unique identifier, Select from drop-down Fixed or Dynamic
      • Weight: weight of product, Select from drop-down Fixed or Dynamic.
      • Status: Set Enabled to display
      • Tax Class: Select tax class for product.
      • Visibility: Set visibility for your product.
    • Set Prices:price


      • Name: Name of your Bundle Product.
      • Price: Enter price for your bundle product, select from drop-down Dynamic or Fixed
      • Price View:
        • As Low As
        • Price Range
    • Add images and Description for your Bundle product:
    • Set Inventory:inventory

Set Stock Availability to In Stock

  • Select Website:
  • Select Category:category
  • Click on Bundle item:bundle item
  • Ship Bundle Items
    • Separately
    • Together

    Click on Add New Option, to create Bundle item

    • Default Title: Title of your Bundle item
    • Input Type: Select from drop-down Radio button, Check-box, etc.
    • Name: Title of your Bundle item
    • Price: Enter Price
    • Price Type: Select whether price will be Fixed or Dynamic
    • Default Quantity: Set quantity for your bundle product. By default it is 1

    Repeat Same process, to add bundle items and Save Product
    Front View of Bundle Product