Crafting Savings: A Guide to Generating Discounts on Shopify

Shopify’s latest feature revolutionizes the discount experience by allowing the combination of multiple offers at checkout.

This functionality empowers both merchants and customers with increased flexibility and savings. Below, we delve into the process, benefits, and potential drawbacks of combining discounts on Shopify.

This guide will walk you through the different types of discounts available on Shopify, how to create and manage them, and some best practices for using them effectively.

Understanding Discount Types

Shopify offers four main discount types –

  • Amount Off Product: This type reduces the price of a specific product or any collection of products by a fixed amount or a percentage discount.
  • Amount Off Order: This type reduces the total order value by a fixed amount or a percentage discount once the order reaches a certain minimum threshold.
  • Buy X Get Y: This type incentivizes buying a certain quantity of products by offering a discount on one or more of them.or Like by 2 and get 1 extra.
  • Free Shipping: Apply for free shipping of order.

Creating and Managing Discounts

  • 1. Access the Discounts Dashboard: In your Shopify admin, navigate to Discounts.
    Merchants can initiate the discount creation process by navigating to Admin -> Discounts -> Create Discount.
  • 2. Choose the Discount Type: Select the appropriate type from the options mentioned above.
  • 3. Configure the Discount Settings: Depending on the chosen type, you’ll need to specify details like the Automatic or Using code, discount amount, minimum order value (for order discounts), applicable products or collections, minimum requirements, customer eligibility and maximum discount uses.
  • 4. Set the Discount Timeframe: Define the start and end date/time for the
  • 5. Save the Discount.

The Process of Combining Discounts

  • Merchants can seamlessly combine multiple discounts to offer customers enhanced savings.
  • Navigate to the Discounts section and select the discounts to combine.
  • Merge:
    1. Product discount with Order discount
    2. Order discount with Product discount

Enjoy Multiple Discounts: Once combined, customers can now apply more than one discount on the same order during checkout.



  • Combining discounts is essential for the proper functioning of multiple discount features.
  • Without combining, only one discount will apply at a time, even if customers attempt to apply multiple discounts.

Shopify Also Offers Features Like

  • Sharing discount links: Create shareable links that automatically apply the discount at checkout, making promotion on social media and emails easier.
  • Tracking discount usage: Monitor how many times each discount code has been used.

Best Practices for Using Discounts

  • Align Discounts with Your Marketing Goals: Are you aiming for increased sales, attracting new customers, or clearing inventory? Choose the discount type and target audience accordingly.
  • Set Clear and Concise Discount Codes: Make them easy to remember and type.
  • Promote Your Discounts Effectively: Utilize various channels like email marketing, social media, and your store’s website to reach your target audience.
  • Track and Analyze Results: Monitor the impact of your discounts on sales, customer acquisition, and other relevant metrics.
  • Avoid over-discounting: Frequent or excessive discounts can erode your profit margins and cheapen your brand image.

By following these tips and effectively utilizing Shopify’s discount features, you can create compelling discount strategies that drive sales and achieve your business goals.

The ability to combine discounts on Shopify customization opens up new avenues for merchants to attract customers and drive sales. By carefully balancing the benefits and drawbacks, businesses can leverage this feature to create compelling promotional campaigns that resonate with their target audience. With strategic implementation, combined discounts have the potential to elevate the shopping experience, foster customer loyalty, and drive sustainable growth for Shopify stores.

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