Manage Product Filters on the Shopify Collection Page

Enhance your shopify store listing page with robust product filters. our Shopify customization for the listing page includes all the product filters but the drop-down menu for managing filters helps customers find what they are looking for faster and more efficiently.

Managing product filters on your Shopify Collections page can be a great way to improve customer experience and boost sales. Here’s what you need to know.

Implementing Filters on Your Shopify Collection Page

Here’s a deeper dive into the three methods you mentioned for implementing filters on your Shopify collection page, with a focus on the technical aspects:

It is possible to adjust the filter through the default Shopify app, “Shopify Search & Discovery ”.

Step 1. If we want to filter products by tag, availability, vendor or type, etc then need to install the app


Step 2. If you want to add filters and labels, you can do so as shown below

  • Sources: Define filter sources from product tags, metafields, variants, or collections.
  • Labels: Customize filter labels and display order.
  • Behavior: Set filters to be multi-selectable, include/exclude specific products, etc.

Step 3. Select the attribute that you want to use as a filter like tag or type

Step 4. We can Manage the UI as per our requirement for this we need to perform changes in code file facets.liquid.

On the front end, check that the filters display on the collection page, and that the dropdown works on the collection page properly.


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Liquid Coding (facets.liquid)

  • Requirements: Advanced Liquid coding knowledge and understanding of theme structure.
  • Customization: Full control over filter behavior, appearance, and layout.
  • Examples:
    1. Add nested filters for more precise product selection.
    2. Integrate custom filter sources like product descriptions or custom metafields.
    3. Modify filter display styles and animations.
  • Risks: Coding errors can affect website functionality and stability.

Other Use Cases

Managing collection page filters via a dropdown can have several impacts and benefits. such as:

  • Improved User Experience
  • Simplified Navigation
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Integration with shopify collection

A drop-down menu allows users to select filter options from a list typically presented in a compact and collapsible format. By selecting an option from the dropdown, users can apply or remove filters to refine the displayed content on the collections page.

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