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Cloud-Based Solution for eCommerce — 3dcart

3dcart  may not be as famous as other cloud-based eCommerce store solutions, but it is among the oldest and, in our view, among the finest. Since its founding in 1997, the company’s development team has frequently updated the software and amassed a staggering selection of tools. Every change has only increased the power, functionality, and appeal of this robust platform. Thousands of businesses, ranging in size from large companies to one-person enterprises, currently use the platform to run their own online shop.
If you are looking at eCommerce site-builder platforms, we highly recommend that you and your team consider 3dcart.


Some eCommerce platforms, like Magento, charge users an additional fee for web hosting. 3dcart recognizes it as an essential for any eCommerce shop and includes hosting as part of every payment plan. Magento also requires people to get their own SSL certification, a necessity for securing data as sensitive as payment information. This certificate is also packaged with 3dcart’s software. Customers can own secure and powerful websites without any extra payments.


3dcart offers over 50 templates on their Theme Store, and the number keeps increasing as development on new themes continues. Each one offers a distinct layout, as well as a unique aesthetic. Store owners can select the template that matches their brand or provides the most intuitive navigation. What 3dcart’s themes all have in common is responsive design, which enables fluidity and functionality on screens of any dimensions. This feature is particularly important for reaching smartphone users.


3dcart’s templates are highly customizable, with much less rigidity than many other eCommerce platforms. Users can alter layouts, add or remove elements, and make adjustments both small and sweeping. The company’s analytics software can collect and display information on how customers use the website, which shows merchants when and where further edits should be made. The platform does have a slight learning curve, but this is largely because it offers a large variety of features.


3dcart offers many features, developed and refined over two decades, as part of their software. Even the least expensive pricing plans come bundled with an enormous toolbox. Some features included in every payment plan include:
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited product listings and variants
  • Unlimited categories
  • Mobile store support
  • FTP access
  • Tools for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Search engine optimization features
  • Synchronization between multiple points of sale
  • Access to over 100 payment gateways
The features listed above are only a small sample of the many included with the lowest pricing tiers. Additional excellent tools, such as omnichannel support, their sales rep module, and automation rules, are available on higher plans. Unlike many eCommerce platforms, 3dcart also has separate solutions for more specialized businesses, such as B2B operations and those that rely on dropshipping.

Apps and Integrations

In addition to their many bundled features, 3dcart also has partnerships with hundreds of software companies. The result of all these collaborations is an app store that offers thousands of apps and integrations. Some require their own fees, either as a one-time purchase or a monthly service, but many are free. Some integrations, such as PayPal and Mailchimp, are included with the 3dcart software itself. Store owners can extensively customize their stores and optimize their business practices with everything that 3dcart offers.


Merchants who already own a store built on another platform have the option of migrating to 3dcart. The company even offers a discount to anyone migrating from certain competitors, including Shopify. In addition to this financial incentive, they also provide support from professional team members. Instead of working solely with a team or by themselves, business owners can undergo the process with assistance from 3dcart’s experts. Their aid is invaluable in simplifying what is often a complicated transition and diminishing the risk of any data getting lost.


The software development experts at OSC Professionals make it their business to know how to make the most out of various platforms. We focus on the ones with the most popularity, the most versatility, and the most potential. 3dcart’s comprehensive selection of features and extensive customization give merchants and developers plenty to work with. With their software at our disposal, we can help you create and operate a thriving eCommerce store. If you request it, we can also develop apps that you can use with the software.

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