Add The Social Bookmarks Links On Products Information Page

Move the social bookmark links into the body of the product information page in osCommerce.
For social bookmarks, there is a block for it in our own osCommerce store. The block named bm_social_bookmarks works for showing all social bookmarking links.
We will make it simple for you to understand.
Follow the below steps:
We can do this in two ways:

  • Place the required box contents to the product information page.
  • use the box code on the product information page.

1. Place the required box contents to the product information page:
First you need to change to all of your boxes as mentioned here in our store. Next you will have to output the contents of box bm_information.php to anywhere. You can add it at any place you would like. Suppose we added it on the product information page. As css of that box will not being worked for other place. You can simply modify that css as you need and place the below code where you exactly wanted the block.
The file is includes/modules/boxes/bm_information.php
Now, The box looks good or otherwise you can go with the second way described below.
2. Use the box code on the product information page.
Step 1: The only file to work on is catalog/product_info.php.Add following code to the
Code for social
Here,we have to just add the code used in the bm_socials_bookmarks.php box. Also be sure and do check if any social bookmarks modules are installed or not.
If not then you can proceed further.
You can use the above code anywhere in your product_info.php file.
Place this code, you can place it anywhere.
step 2: Next part is to decide about the display of that buttons.
Then next we have to do is, to echo $social that we created with the code above.
Add that code where you want to display. I will add that code just before the Reviews and Add To Cart buttons section in product information page.
Step 3: Find this div with class button set.

Place thetag before

Like this:

<? php $social ?>
I have a created a div to call a variable. You can use code like this or else you can create as your wish.
Style it with proper css. There are some examples we can show you.
or else the other example
Add this to the bottom of your stylesheet.css file.
Add many more icons of your choice here for bookmark.
You can find a couple of icons here.
Go to the link

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