Enhance Customer Personalization: Integrate Birthday Field in Klaviyo for Shopify

While ShopifyFlows doesn’t have a built-in feature to directly collect customer birthdays, you can combine it with Klaviyo to achieve your goal. Here’s a two-step approach.

To add a birthday field for customers in Klaviyo for technical purposes using shopify customization you may consider the following steps-

1. Add the Birthdays of already registered customers in Klaviyo

Create a custom property in Klaviyo for already-created customers using CSV.

2. Create Custom Property and Connect and Trigger Flows in Shopify Flow for registering new customers

Connect Klaviyo with Shopify Flow

In Shopify Flow, go to Workflows > Connectors and connect Klaviyo.
Create a trigger in Shopify Flow: Choose “Customer created” as the trigger and add a filter for newly created customers.


Add an action to send data to Klaviyo

Use the “Add contact to Klaviyo list” action and map the customer’s email address (Shopify data) to the Klaviyo list where you store birthday information.


Important Notes:

When collecting birthdays with Shopify forms, ensure clear consent and data privacy compliance.

Make sure the date format in Klaviyo and Shopify Flow matches (e.g., YYYY-MM-DD).

Consider data security when handling personal information, like birthdays.


Third-party apps: Several apps offer dedicated birthday fields in Shopify and integrate with Klaviyo for automated flows (e.g., Happy Birthday by Happy Birthday Inc., Helium Customer Fields).

Shopify metafields: While not directly usable in Shopify Flows, you can store birthdays as metafields and access them through integrations or custom development.

I hope this provides a clear and comprehensive guide to adding customer birthday fields in Shopify and triggering Klaviyo flows!

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