7 Tricks To Make And Edit Perfect Ecommerce Videos


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Ecommerce is rapidly shaping the business landscape. Part of the magic lies in its effective use of multimedia, particularly video, to create engaging and immersive experiences for potential customers. Video content helps showcase products from multiple angles, share user experiences, and tell compelling brand stories, thus influencing purchase decisions. 

If you’re looking to leverage this powerful tool, this post will guide you on how to make and edit perfect ecommerce videos. So, sit back, grab your note-taking device of choice, and let’s dive into the 7 tricks that will transform your ecommerce video strategy.

Start With A Script

An ecommerce video without a solid script is like a ship without a rudder, it won’t go far. The script helps structure your video, define its purpose, and guide its execution. Ensure it highlights the key features of your product and communicates the intended message clearly. 

Now, here’s an important addition: subtitles. A significant percentage of videos are watched with the sound off, especially on social media platforms. When you add subtitles to video, you’ll ensure that your message is communicated clearly regardless of how your audience chooses to view your content.

Prioritize Lighting And Sound Quality

Even the best-scripted video can fall flat if the lighting and sound quality are poor. Invest in good lighting equipment to make your products look appealing, and use high-quality microphones for clear sound. If your budget is tight, natural light is a free and effective alternative.

Use High-Resolution Footage

Using high-resolution footage can be the difference between an amateur and a professional-looking video. High-quality videos not only reflect well on your brand but also enhance the customer’s viewing experience. Choose the highest resolution setting available on your camera or phone when filming.

Show, Don’t Tell

The magic of video lies in its ability to show rather than tell. Demonstrate how your product works, how it looks in real life, or how people can benefit from using it. Showing gives your potential customers a clearer picture of what they’re purchasing, thereby reducing any doubts they may have.

Include Customer Testimonials

There’s nothing more convincing than a satisfied customer. Include customer testimonials in your videos to build trust and credibility. You can invite customers to share their experiences with your products on camera, or incorporate their written reviews into your video.

Edit For Engagement

The editing stage is where your video comes to life. Keep your video concise and engaging. Use editing tools to add visual effects, transitions, and background music that enhances the viewing experience. Remember, viewer attention spans are short, so make every second count.

Optimize For Different Platforms

Each social media platform, being a unique ecosystem, has its own set of rules, user behaviors, and preferences. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach to video creation may not yield the most beneficial results across all platforms. What captivates your audience on YouTube might not resonate the same way on Instagram or Facebook. Hence, tailoring your video content according to the platform you’re posting on becomes a necessity, not a luxury.

Firstly, consider the video length. Different platforms favor different video lengths. While YouTube users might sit through a detailed 10-minute product review or a storytelling video, an Instagram user is likely to prefer something quicker and more succinct. Twitter, with its fast-paced nature, may necessitate an even shorter, more punchy video.

Secondly, think about the format. A video that works in a landscape mode on YouTube may need to be adapted to a vertical or square format for Instagram, especially for Stories or IGTV. Additionally, certain platforms like Instagram and TikTok also offer unique features such as filters, stickers, and effects which can be utilized to make your video more engaging and in sync with the platform culture.


Crafting the perfect ecommerce video might seem like a daunting task, but with these 7 tricks, you’ll be well on your way to creating engaging, effective video content that can significantly boost your ecommerce business.

Remember, it’s all about showcasing your products effectively, connecting with your audience, and providing an engaging viewing experience. Whether you’re starting with a solid script, investing in quality production, or editing for optimal engagement, each step plays a vital role in your video’s success. So, roll up your sleeves and start producing ecommerce videos that sell.

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